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The recent threads about sttn got me wondering... What time does your LO go to bed for the night? Sidney likes to cluster feed and take 10 min naps all evening. She goes down for the night anywhere between 9:30 and 11 normally. She was up until 1am the other night, probably because she has a cold (thanks to her big sister we are all sick!). I can't wait until she starts going down at a reasonable "baby" time, like 7 or 8!

Also, anyone have any tips for breaking the co-sleeping habit? I don't mind her in my bed, but it would be nice if she would sleep in the bassinet for just a little of the night! Eventually, she will go to bed earlier and I would like to have some adult time without her!!;)

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Lucas is usually in bed by 8.

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We have a pretty strict bedtime of 7pm (then she gets up at 7am). If we miss this bedtime, it is kind of awful.

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Collin eats at about 9-9:30pm and then sleeps from about 10:30-7am. No tips on the co-sleeping...sorry, I have never co slept with my kids.

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Aubree is still wishy-washy on bedtime. She'll go down between 7-8 and sometimes we're wrapped up in getting Jacob in bed so we don't 'feed' her before she falls asleep so we'll wake her about 9/9:30 and sleep feed her a bottle. Other times she'll get fed before she falls asleep and then its right to bed. But last night that's how it was, I had to wake her to get her dressed for bed and feed her and she went right back to sleep. She was STTN for like a week and then decided it was no fun so now we're back up to 1-2 times a night, but will only take 1 bottle per night (if she wakes at 1:30 I just reswaddle her and give her a binkie). IF she wakes twice it's 1:30/3 am then she's "up" at 6:30 and we snuggle till about 7. If she only gets up once she'll make it till about 3 then be up at 6:30 ish. Sometimes she falls right back asleep (like today, slept till 9) other times she's awake.

As far as the co-sleeping, do you nap her in a bassinet? That's what I would do. I would try to start napping her in the bassinet/crib and if nothing else try to start her nights there, or does she just cry?? I've never co-slept so I'm not much help! Hopefully she starts liking her bassinet more Smile

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Ava Kennedy usually goes down around 8:30-9:30 atleast that's what I've been shooting for. Night before last she went down at 8:45 & slept the entire night (first time) until 6 a.m. Last night it was down at 9:30 woke up for a feeding around 5 then back to sleep till after 8 this morning. One day last week she went to sleep at 5 p.m. & woke up at 11 was up till 12 then slept till 7:30 the following morning. :eek: She was a co-sleeper too up until I just decided one night to put her in her bed & that's where she's been since. Now she sleeps on one of my pillows (I know bad mother award) & I honestly think that helps. I've noticed she sleeps better in her bed in her own "space". She naps most days in her swing or bouncy seat. I don't know how to tell you to break the co-sleeping thing. I let all my boys sleep with me until they were much older & had intentions on letting her but decided I didn't want to fight that battle later & decided to do it now. Best of luck to you---hopefully it won't take much to get her to sttn in her bassinet or crib.

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I feed the twins at 8pm. It is when they are officially tucked in for the night.

I have no suggestions on co-sleeping, I have never done it.

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Dane usually goes down for good between 9:45-11:00. Normal is around 10:15. I'm just letting him dictate his schedule until he takes more established naps. DD was on the same "schedule" until she was 3-4 months I think.

I'm with - it'll be nice when both kids go down at the same time! My DD goes down around 8 pm.

As far as co-sleeping, with my first, I let her sleep with us quite a bit when she was a newborn, but around 3 months I started (per a friend's suggestion) keeping her in her crib until a certain time every morning (I think it was 4 or 5 am). So every time she'd wake before then (sometimes that was frequent, especially at first), I'd put her right back in her crib after she calmed down/ate/etc, but if it was after my set time, she could come to bed with us. That seemed to get her used to being out of our bed & after a month or so of that, I quit completely. HTH.

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Roman was going to sleep around 11:30 and then waking between 2:30 and 3:30 and then between 5:30 and 6:30 and then almost every hour until I gave up and got up... uh... He is finally having longer stretches of sleep at night. I am trying to get him to sleep for good earlier. Last night I got him to sleep for the night at 9:30 and he didn't wake up until 4:30!!! Hooray! How do I establish a nap schedule? So far I have just been letting him sleep when he wants to and it is very random still! Am I already in trouble? His eating is still totally varied. I have no idea what to expect!

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Thanks ladies! I would love for Sidney to go to bed earlier, but she will just NOT settle to sleep before 10-11! She just takes little catnaps and is back up again. Hopefully she will start going down earlier soon. I am so jealous of the 7 and 8 bedtimes!!
As for the co-sleeping, this week has been a little rough because we're all sick. But, last night she slept 4 hours straight in the bassinet!! Yahoo I put her down there every night, but she will come to bed with me around 3am when she won't settle back down there. She naps in the bassinet occasionally, but her naps are SO all over the place. I never know how long she will sleep, anywhere from 10 min to 2 hours. So she naps in the bassinet, swing, my wrap, and the carseat if we go out. She will sleep the longest in the wrap, everything else is a total crapshoot. I never co-slept with DD1, she didn't sleep any better with me than anywhere else!

Sara- I'm with Ashley, I am letting her set her own eating and sleeping schedule. I did the same for DD1, and she eventually got more predictable, and settled into a routine. Sidney is pretty random still too. I don't know if that's the best way to do it, but you can't make a baby sleep when they aren't tired!!

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Olivia still eats every 2-3 hrs..... thankfully she's figured out this night/day routine....and is up awake during the day...she'll sleep here and there, but it's never consistant, only that she'll still eat every 2-3 hrs, so she might catnap for an hour, eat and then sleep for an hour or two during the day.....

Around 8/9pm - i change her into her pjs and do night time lotion or give her a bath. Then we get in pj's and i nurse her....she'll usually go to sleep and i either take a nap with her or do what i need to do around the house. Then at 10pm, i take her upstairs, nurse her and go to bed. She's still up 2-3 hrs to eat, but she usually will go right back to sleep.... i just started to 'dream feed' her, so that helps keep her sleeping too.....

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Our life being he is the 4th and everyone else is in school is on a sechudle by default. Our week days looks like this.
7:00 if he is not already awake I wake him for a feeding (all feedings below are also diaper changes)
7:30 I get everyone ready for school
8:00 we get in the car to bring Heath to school (Tessa, Simon with me, Peter stays home w/ my Dad to get his bus)
9:00 we are back home and Simon is normaly asleep from the car or has a fast feed and goes back to sleep.
10:30ish he is awake and eats and stays up until Tessa goes to school.
11:00 I get Tessa's hair done for school and her lunch
12:30 she gets on the bus and I fed myself and Simon lunch.
1:00 we are back in the car to go pick up Heath
2:00 we are back home and both boys take a nap (sometimes he feeds here too if the car did not put him to sleep)
3:30 Peter and Tessa get off the bus and the house gets crazy with activity because of the older kids.
4:00 if I am that lucky both little boys wake up and everyone is up until I put the older ones to bed at 7:30
Simon just can not sleep when they are all home and so the hour between 6:30-7:30 he cluster feeds and is cranky because he is so tired but can't settle and I'm talking to the other kids to get bed time stuff ready for them.
After they go down some nights he passes out shorly after and we have had a few nights where he then sleeps 11 hours.
But MOST nights he is up at midnight for a new diaper and feeding.

Then I have other nights like last night where after the kids went to bed he cluster fed until 12 and still was up at 2, 4 and 6. (Tomarrow he will be 3 months so I think it is a growth spurt)

My other kids all cat napped 24/7 every 2 hours around the clock. I think that because Simon is awake so much more durring the day that is why he sleeps so much at night.

As for co-sleeping I loved co-sleeping with the others because I was 2 tired to get up every 2 hours with them and rolling over and going back to sleep worked with us until they where (20 months with Peter, 22 months with Tessa, never co-slept with Heath because of his issues and wires) So I missed it so much with Heath that I wanted Simon to co-sleep, but because of how well he sleeps most days I don't pull him into my bed until the am feed. But the other thing I do diff is I lay him in the cradle at night with his eyes open and then I rub him or talk to him and rock him until he falls asleep. I think they don't learn to self sooth if they are only put in the bed asleep and then wake up in a strang place, but if they fall asleep there it is not scarry to wake up there. So he is starting to wake up mid night and I can watch him move around and fuss but less then 60 sec and he has looked around and gone back to sleep without needing me. My others needed me to latch them on to go back to sleep.

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G is a little like Sydney, he will nurse and take little catnaps in the evening before being truly ready to sleep at about 10pm. I have tried putting him to bed between 7-8 after bath time, but it results in me being in and out of his room for about 2 hours of him fussing and crying before actually going to sleep. He will nap twice during the day, but not at set times. It is usually sometime between 10-12 and then again between 2-4. Napping will either take place in his swing, during a walk, or carseat if we're out. Ironically, I just put him to sleep in his bassinet for this afternoon and he is actually sleeping! *knocks on wood* As for the co-sleeping thing, I put DS down in his bed first, and when he wakes for a feeding will usually bring him to bed so we can both get back to sleep sooner. One thing I had done to try to make the transition easier was sleep on one of blankets and then spread it out over his sheet before laying him down so he could smell me. It seemed to help a little. Just stick to it, eventually she will get used to it!:p

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We give Brayden a bath around 7:30-8 and then swaddle him and give him his last bottle, he is normally sleeping no later then 9pm and then will sleep until 7-8........he is sleeping anywhere from 8-12 hours!!! We find he sleeps better at night if he gets a good nap in during the afternoon, if he doesnt he seems to wake up after 5-6 hours of sleeping and is super cranky all day!