Being sick rocks!

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Being sick rocks!

I woke up Sunday with a wicked cold. Monday I felt a little better so yesterday I did a full day at work and now I feel like total crap. Runny nose, hacking up green stuff, and let's just say my digestive track has felt better days. I thought for sure I had a fever 'cause I keep getting the chills, but I just took my temp twice and both times is read about 97 degrees....that's weird right? Lol Maybe I'm breathing thru my mouth too much since my nose is all clogged and so my mouth is cold. That's the only thing I can come up with. But either way, seems like I probably don't have a fever.

So I just get the joy of being sick. Awesome, right?! Sad

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I hope you feel better soon!

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Sleep, Sleep, Sleep and drink lots of fluids! Hopefully it wont last long, so crappy this far along in pregnancy

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Sorry you aren't feeling well Sad

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Awe so not fun Sad I would talk to your OB, I THINK you can have Tylenol cold medicine.. might help at least get the edge off-- I hate hate hate having colds, cannot stand them Sad

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So sorry, coughing is so difficult when you your abdomen muscles are all goofed for pregnancy.

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Awww being sick sucks!!!! Hope you're feeling better soon Smile