Belly Laugh?

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Belly Laugh?

Okay, so what is a belly laugh? I know this sounds like a dumb question, but the books say she should be belly laughing by now and I really don't think she is. Is a belly laugh similar to an adult's belly laugh?

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No idea:confused:
But, Sidney isn't doing it either. She has giggled a few times, but I wouldn't really say she is laughing yet.

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I would say that it is when they don't just giggle, but when they full on laugh so hard it uses their whole body. Does that make sense? Like the difference between when something is a little funny and down right hysterical. Collin has done the hysterical laugh a handful of times, usually when I tickle him. So cute!!!

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I don't know about a belly laugh, but my dad just got G to laugh for the first time! It was so cool!:p