Birth Control Q...smilie heavy & probably TMI

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Birth Control Q...smilie heavy & probably TMI

Muahahahaha!! ROFL
I tried, my chicklets. I held out for as long as I could. But I SOOOOO couldn't wait all six weeks to try the humpty dance again. :boff: It didn't hurt at all! I was afraid it would & there was very slight discomfort at first & afterwards, but you know those nights you have a couple glasses of wine & do the 3-hour shag-fest? That's way more uncomfortable afterwards than this was. :love10:
If you don't want to answer, that's absolutely cool, but if you're willing to dish, please do! Who's tried it again? How long after baby did you try? How was it? And, most importantly, what are you doing for birth control?? I'm gonna ask my Dr for a mini-pill 'script on Tuesday when I go since I BF. Have any of you tried it before? Any ups & downs of it you want to mention?
Thanks Smile
:wow:I'm gonna be in the best effing mood for the next few days Wink

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Well as for me.. we never make the 6wks... always right at 4 wks. when I stop bleeding.
it has always been uncomfortable the 1st time and needs much lube..LOL

I have tried the mini pill before after like being on it for 4 months I start getting headaches and stopped. but I think i'm going to try it again and go from there.

i heard you also can have a drop in milk supply. but it will come back .. Mine dropped and sorta came back.

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Hahaha! I can't believe you ROFL
After I had DD, DH and I didn't get funky again until about 8 weeks. But I had an episiotomy and tearing and I was totally scared.
This time I am not nearly as sore, so it probably won't take as long.:D I will wait until I stop bleeding for sure, then see what happens! I might wait until the 6 weeks anyways.
I took the mini pill after DD was born, and I didn't notice any side effects. It didn't even affect my supply at all.

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Yup BTDT.. haha

We were back in the saddle about week two (my DH CAN NOT WAIT.. drives me batty.. he did it with DS too), BUT we didn't actually.. ya know.. until 5 weeks post delivery. I'm on the regular pill since I don't BF and I loathe every single bit of it. I'm SO not ready for another kid and my shop is closed up but part of me is NOT happy with it AT ALL.. So I piss and moan every time I have to take one of those stupid pills.

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Ditto to what Rebecca said...with my first, I tore + episiotomy, stitches weren't even fully dissolved @ 6.5 weeks when we first DTD even though my dr gave us the okay, bad experience - lots of pain, stitches poked DH (haha), ridiculously sore around where the muscles tore, just plain bad for a few more weeks. I should have held out longer.

This time my stitches are all gone already (for like a week now) and I'm feeling almost back to normal. Probably will wait until 6 weeks though, I'm not itching for a roll in the sack just yet (maybe because I'm still bleeding). I just like the dr's OK before I attempt blunt force trauma on that area Wink Plus I'm a little emotionally scarred from last time still.

I used the mini-pill last time. Only side effects I noticed could have been related to BFing in general (I stopped both the mini-pill and BFing when DD was 8 months and started TTC, so I don't know which caused what)...but mainly it was just decreased sex drive, dryness (thank goodness for good lube!), and really messed up cycles when AF returned for a few months (LP was 3 days for a while). I will probably do the mini-pills again this time - I don't trust NFP, hate condoms, and don't want to do an implant when odds are we'll probably TTC again next fall.

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With my first, I'd had an episiotomy so I waited for like 3 MONTHS, and even then it was almost like the first time ever. Sooo not pleasant.

With the other two, I waited the full 6 weeks. This time, I might shoot for NEVER AGAIN. Or at least until he agrees to get snipped, LOL. The aftermath of Leo's birth hasn't been easy, and we're 100% sure we're done having kids.

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My Dh and i tried for the first time last night, we ended up stopping because i felt like he was gonna rip me open, my stitches dont hurt anymore but any kind of pressure near them makes me feel like they are gonna tear open, im sure it wont happen but the feeling is very sure my DH was very dissapointed....i just started the pill as of so worried about weight gain, i still havce 13 pounds to lose and im worried that the pill will screw with my metabolism and make it even harder to lose the weight......i guess we will see.....

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Eh, I dunno when we will seeing as I'm only 3 days PP. Smile But, I did tear and I chose not to get it stitched up b/c it was holding together nicely on its on so I'll prolly wait the full 6 weeks to have that inspected by my midwife first. DH is getting snipped so no more babies for us and we never used BC, I don't care for how it screws up my system and we've never gotten pregnant without meaning to not being on it anyway. Smile

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DH was trying to get some about the second I got home from the hospital. I think I finally gave in around 3 weeks. It was uncomfortable but not terrible. It was like things inside just weren't quite in the right place yet, and I am not just talking about female parts. I had a c-sec, so not much damage down there - just rearranging of organs to make room for the twins.

No BC for me. I had my tubes tied during the csec. I am trying to convince DH to get fixed as well. I want zero chance of having another one. I am completely done and there is still a small chance after a tubal. I want to avoid BC if at all possible. I don't like what it does to me.

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Five week mark here. A little discomfort but not from the stitches...more internal. Seems with all of mine it's been uncomfortable the first time or two but never really bad.

As for the birth control...none here... Though I did try hard not to laugh when the doctor raised his eyebrows when I told him so at my 6 week appointment. Silly man, he should know me by now...he's delivered 4 of my 5.

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We haven't yet, and I plan to wait until my 6 week check. I had an episiotomy and this being my first, I want my doc to see how I've healed first and give me the green light. As bc, I plan to ask about the mini pill since I am bfing, but may not use any and go back to charting.

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we have done a lot of talking about it, but haven't done it yet. At my 2wk check up, she said i could go for it as soon as i'm up to it. I am up for it, but i'm also nervous and now all of a sudden i'm having small clots in the toliet and today when i wiped, so i'm not sure if i should.... DH I think is still a little shell shocked from the delivery - he did not stay from the shoulder

Now it's just a matter of squeezing it in while the baby

As for BC - i'm not planning on using any - since we have a male factor issue, there's no need for me to go on a pill and screw with my body....we kind a figure, if it happens then it's a blessing and we'll be more then happy getting pregnant naturally.....

Speaking of ovulating, if i'm BF --how does that work...can i still ovulate and not know? Will the ovluation sticks work correctly?

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"mgowdy" wrote:

We haven't yet, and I plan to wait until my 6 week check. I had an episiotomy and this being my first, I want my doc to see how I've healed first and give me the green light. As bc, I plan to ask about the mini pill since I am bfing, but may not use any and go back to charting.

i use to chart but decided to go on the pill for now because im worried about what my temps will look like since you are suppose to sleep for so many hours before taking your temp and your also suppose to take your temp around the same time each day......i would rather chart then be on the pill....for the charting ladies how have you found charting after having kids and not being able to have the routine needed for charting??

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I have been in the mood since Simon was 2 weeks and I had no tears and I am so horney still (LOL still in that first year of relationship) But I am still bleeding and not just alittle I am changing normal pads a few times a day. I had my PP visit last Fri and was told that I could as soon as the bleeding went away. But so far it has not, I see Bill n Fri for a week and I so hope we can DTD before that visit is over or it will be Mid Oct before I see him because he has to go to SC for training. Sad I may just go for it even if I am bleeding still will see.

As for BC I do not like hormones so the pills are out and so is the ring. When I was married I did the breastfeeding/charting/condoms rout and did not stress about it. After I had Heath and he was special needs at 6 weeks I got the copper IUD and loved having the BC that I did not have to think about but it bleed/spotted for 19 months and then had it taken out when they did my surgery (had a toumor in one of my tubes) and they told me I only had a 5% chance of ever getting prego and that everything was so bad that if I did I was not expected to go to term. So when I got with Bill we used condoms the first month and they where kind of like with my history lets just go for it. LOL I got prego that night.

This time I wanted to try a diaphram but the insurance won't cover it and I don't have the money for it right now out of my pocket. Sad