Can you feel your cervix dilating or shortening?

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Can you feel your cervix dilating or shortening?

This prob sounds weird but it feels like he's scratching at my cervix, could that be my cervix finally changing? I've noticed it occasionally at other times, but today it's happened several times. It usually happens when I'm up and doing something.

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I don't know if it is your cervix actually changing, my guess is he is just hitting it in some way. That said, my actual labor contractions started with a pulling feeling in my cervix.

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Smile Bill asked me this yesterday and No I can not feel my cervix open but I can feel the tight part of the cotractions start at the bottom and work up but weather or not the cervix is changing I can't tell by that. Now what I did tell him I can do is reach my own and check it and it has moved more foward in the last week and is softer, but that's using my fingers to check.

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I agree, I didn't even have any clue I'd be dilated when the DR checked me.. and then when he checked me again 2 weeks later, I had NO CLUE I wouldn't have changed at all Sad

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I can't tell if mine is changing or not but usually, when I have some blood in my discharge, that means things are opening up and/or thinning out.