Can you have REALLY short contractions?

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Can you have REALLY short contractions?

I have had a ton of braxton hicks contractions the last few days. I swear I have hours that are like one giant contraction where my belly never seems to relax. Anyway, the last few days I have been getting like, mini cramps. I don't know really how to describe it. Feels kind of like a period cramp, but they only last for 5 seconds or so. Maybe it's just his head moving?

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If it is only lasting a few seconds, then I would say that they are probably not contractions. If you are still having them in the morning then call your doctor.

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I think the cramping is pretty common. If it's 5 seconds it's probably not a contraction.

Sometimes I feel something hard at the top of the uterus, which is the baby's bottom and I get crampy feelings very low down. Sometimes gas is trapped.

There is lots of stuff going on in there. Smile I would talk to my dr about it though because there is so much going on in there and I'd want to know everything's ok or not.

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I've been experiencing menstrual like cramps over the past week or so and my doc mentioned that it my bodys way of getting ready, that it is helping to ripen my cervix. When she checked me, I was 50% effaced and 1cm. I have continued to have them off and on but would certainly not categorize them as contractions. I think this is my body gearing up for the main event.

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I'd bet it is just the baby hitting a nerve. My little guy has dropped some the last few days & I get tiny shots of pain down there sometimes. Just a thought, but it's hard to say since I can't feel yours Wink If it is concerning you, give the dr a call, but I'd bet it's nothing to worry about.