A day in the life of....

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A day in the life of....

I thought it woudl be fun to compare a typical day for each of us.

Here is mine:

4AM - Wake up for the day. Take a shower, feed the boys, change the boys, put them in their carseats, get Izzie up, change her clothes. Ready to leave.

6-6:15AM - Loading kids in the car, out the door.

6:30 - 6:45AM - Unload kids at baby sitters

7AM - Start Work

4PM - End Work

4:15 - 4:30PM - Pick up kids from babysitters, start drive home.

5PM - Unload kids, get everyone situated and start picking up house from hectic mode in the morning (trying to get eveyone out the door). Start thinkig about dinner - what are we going to do and when.

6:30PM - Feed boys

7:30PM - Give the kids a bath

9PM - Put Izzie to bed. Feed boys and put them down for the night

10PM - I finally get to bed - 3 hrs of rest

1AM - Up to feed the boys

2AM - Back in bed for a quick 2 hr nap.

4AM - Get up for the day and start all over

What is your day like?

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5:30 am -- Up to do P90X
(6:20 --wake up son--so he can get his violin practice in, then back to exercising)
7 -- wake up 1st grader, help her with her hair, reading, etc. (Baby usually is awake by now too)
7:30-8:15 practice violin with 1st grader
8:15 Breakfast and last minute school stuff
8:45 Send two kids out the door to school, then breakfast dishes and pickup from night before
9-9:45 --violin practice with Kindergartner
10 -- other chores and classes with her
12 --Feed kids lunch
12:40-1 walking kindergartner to school
1 -- Read to 2 year old
1:30 Put 2 year old down for nap
1:30-3:30 My time! (Figure out dinner, get online, more chores, etc...)
3:45 Kids get home from school (go through backpacks)
4-5:30 Any after school activities (homework, group violin lessons, scouts, dance, etc)
5:30 Dinner
(Depending on the night 6-7 private violin lessons)
7:30 Baths
8:15 Bedtime for Girls
9 Bedtime for son
10 Hopefully my bedtime depending when the baby falls asleep...
(Thankfully she is only getting up once to nurse --usually around 4 am for about 10 minutes and sometimes she skips that. ...Though sometimes --like twice last night--the 2 year old gets up in the night)

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7:00 am- wake up, cram breakfast

7:15 am- kids get here/DS usually wakes up

8:00am- get all the kids breakfast/feed DD

9:30 am- DD usually naps/ other round of kids arrive

11:00am- DD up/feed & start lunch for big kids

12:30pm- DS/DD & others down for a nap (I try to be productive..)

1:45 pm- start loading car

2:15pm- out the door to pick up one kid from school

3:00-30 pm- drive across town to pick up other kiddo from school

4:00pm- home, snacks for all kids

4:30-5pm- kids play/parents come to pick up kids

5:30pm- start dinner for our family (if it's wedneseay, we head to church as soon as the kids get picked up and come home at 8:30 for bed)

6:30 pm- relax with DH while DS plays

8:00 pm- Feed DD/lay DS down (and if all works out, it's quiet by 8:30)

9-10 pm- DH and I finally head up for bed..

the past three days Aubree hasn't woken in the night and stayed asleep until about 4/5 am-- when she was waking for food it was around 1:30/3:30/6 am..

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Jennie- I will no longer complain about how tired I am! I don't know how you do it, You are so strong!!! :udawoman:

5/6am- Feed Sidney, back to bed
8am- DD1 gets up. Feed S again
9am- breakfast for DD1 and me
9:30- Clean kitchen, random chores while S sleeps.
11am- S eats. Again.
11:30- Lunch for DD1 and me
12-2- Playtime with DD1
2pm- S eats
2:30-3- Walk the dog, S naps in moby.
3-5pm- more playtime and housework
5pm- DH gets home, S eats
5:30ish- Dinner
6pm-S naps, clean kitchen and play with DD1.
6:30- DD1 bathtime
7pm- DD1 goes to bed. S gets up and starts her evening cluster feed
7-10pm- S eats, fusses, eats some more. I watch movies and eat ice cream:icecream:
10pm- S passes out in a milk coma, I go to bed.
12/1am- S up to eat
3am- S eats again. Usually a quick one.

This is approximate. We go out a few times a week during the day, and Sidney doesn't eat at the same times. Usually within an hour or 2, but it is hard to know what she is going to do!

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I'll write out a work day since those are most standard

7am - wake and BF Natalie, shower, dress myself, dress both girls.
7:45am - start some laundry
8am - breakfast
8:30am - misc time for email, watering garden etc.
9am - Natalie naps, homeschool for Andrea for 2 hrs
11am - BF Natalie
11:30am - start lunch
noon - head to work with both girls, work is combination of keeping Natalie happy, Andrea happy and getting stuff done.
3pm - BF Natalie
4pm - head home
5pm - dinner
6pm - bath for Natalie
6:30pm - BF Natalie
7pm Natalie's bedtime
7:30pm - bath for Andrea
8:00pm - Andrea's bedtime
8:30pm - time to get some sewing done or planning for homeschool.
10pm - go to bed
2am - BF Natalie

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"rebgrace" wrote:

Jennie- I will no longer complain about how tired I am! I don't know how you do it, You are so strong!!! :udawoman:

totally agree

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we don't really follow a schulde... but here is a typical day

7am -feed baby/wake up for work
815am- hand baby to DH, take out dog and leave for work
9-5 - work (she doesn't really have a schud. with DH when she's home with him, he just lets her do whatever and play with her....)
530p- take baby from DH, try to eat and entertain baby
6-7.. somewhere around here take baby for walk
8p-feed baby and get ready for bed (either give bath, or lotion down and put on pj's)
8-10p- play with baby, read stories, sing, quiet activites
10p-feed baby, and hopefully go to sleep
12-feed baby, walk around the upstairs trying to get baby to sleep
230am- feed baby
4am -feed baby
7am-day starts over....

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6-6:30- Wake up, start coffee, shower. Enjoy a tiny moment without children demanding attention.
7- Wake girls up, get them dressed and ready for school, out the door to the bus by 7:45.
8-Feed Victoria, wake up DH and get rid of him.
9-3-chores, laundry, play snack bar for Leo, fit lunch in at some point, constantly keep Victoria from poking Leo's eyes/nose and pulling his ears/hands/feet. At least she's not trying to pick him up yet.
3:30-girls home from school, get a snack ready for them and go over papers/school day/help with homework.
5:30-6ish-start dinner
7-7:30-DH home, have dinner, clean kitchen afterwards.
8-bath, brush teeth, bedtime for my oldest 2. Enjoy a little TV time with DH, Leo, and Victoria.

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7am wake Simon and breastfeed him and Heath
7:30 get all 3 boys dressed
8:00 leave Peter with Dad, get the other 3 in the car
8:30 drop of Heath at preschool
9:00 get home and have breakfast with Tessa (Simon most days is back asleep)
11:00 Tessa has lunch and gets dressed for school
12:30 Tessa's bus
(sometime between 11 and 12:30 Simon wake and I fed him)
1:00 get in the car
1:30 pick up Heath
2:00 get home (Simon feeds around now too)
3:30 get other 2 off the bus
4:30 start dinner
5:00 eat
7:00 get snack and ready for bed for older 3
7:30 bed time
Simon and mama time until he falls asleep around 10pm for the night he sleeps all night I play on the computer, get the kids book bags ready for school and talk to Bill on the phone until 11:30 and then I go to bed.

Thats a m-f, when we dont have Dr visits or anything else going on.