Dr appt today

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Dr appt today

I had my weekly dr appt today and it went much better then the last one Smile My dr didnt seem as rushed and was way more relaxed then last time. I actually got to ask him some of my questions and didnt feel like i was being shoved out the door. My blood pressure was actaully really good which surprised me, my last 5 visits my BP was on the high end of normal and was getting higher each visit, this time it was perfect! It turns out the baby has dropped and is fully engaged, is it odd that i couldnt tell?? Everybody says you will know when the baby drops because of how uncomfortable you feel but i had no clue, and apparently he has been engaged since my last u/s which was almost 4 weeks ago.....apparently im clueless! He asked if i wanted to be checked to see if i was dialiated and i decided to not find out....i figured it would just drive me crazy trying to figure out if labour was close or far away.....he checks from 38 weeks until labour so i will know forsure next week if anything is happening or not happening....It turned out to be a good appt!

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Glad you had a good appointment & that your BP has gotten better. I don't think it is that weird that you didn't know the baby dropped, but then again, my DD didn't drop until I was actually in labor so I wouldn't know.

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I think sometimes we chalk things up to just "regular pregnancy" so maybe that's why it didn't occur he had dropped. With me, I'm noticing it because DS didn't drop so it's MUCH more obvious how much more uncomfortable I really am this go around.

I'm glad to hear your BP's are behaving and that the doctor gave you his time this go around! Sounds great!

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So glad it was better!!!!

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I am so glad to hear he was not in a rush this time and answered your questions Smile

Yahoo to a good appt!

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Yeah for a great appointment and double yeah for him answering your questions!! My bp went down at my last one too, maybe it's a summer/sun thing. lol
I envy you not knowing the baby had dropped, that means you are not uncomfortable, I hope. Lucky lucky girl!
I understand you not wanting to know if you are dilated since many can be 1-2 for weeks, I get how you could possible just keep questioning if you knew that. Keep hanging in there!

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Yay for your blood pressure! Hope it stays down! It soooo nice to be able to get your questions answers.... I know that it is frustrating when you feel like there isn't time@

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So you have a few hours to drive to the hospital to deliver?

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"mujul79" wrote:

So you have a few hours to drive to the hospital to deliver?

Sad 2 hours......i could have delivered at a hospital 45 minutes away but if there were any complications they would have to transfer you by ambulance to the nearest city hospital which would be almost 2 hours away, i figured i would rather be in a place that could handle any situations that may come up....

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So wonderful to have a good appointment.

I am so short that no one could tell that the baby had dropped. It was the difference of maybe an inch. You may begin to feel more uncomfortable the longer the baby is down so low. Hopefully not. Smile

Hope that you continue to have great appointments.

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:yahoo::yahoo: for a great appt. Glad you didn't feel rushed at this appt.