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What is everyone doing for exercise, if any?

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My midwife asked me to start walking about 10 min each day, this is mostly to combat some depression. I lift weights once a week and try to do cardio that same day (15 min on eliptical) and one other day.

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Swimming! It's great exercise and helps take a load off...literally. lol It really helps with back pain and has kept me from gaining significant weight (I'm only up 8 lbs so far).

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I don't really do anything, other than chasing my almost 4 yr old around after work and on the weekends. I walk occasionally on my break at work, but not very consistently.

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Nothing here! Running around after my kiddos is about it for me.

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Now that the weather is getting nicer we're getting out and walking almost everyday. Luckily my friend that walks with me doesn't mind that some days I'm very slow. I love walking and just being outside again and I think it's helped with some of my sleep issues too.

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I try to walk on the weekends, but other than that I don't exercise. I know I should probably move around more, but I'm lazy!

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I am doing nothing. I am having more trouble getting around than I want to admit. Walking from the parking lot to my desk at work just about kills me. I have a hard time breathing.

With twins they recommend resting not physical excersize :(. They keep threatening bed rest and that is the last thing I want. My cervix length still looks good though, so I think I can avoid bed rest at least another 4 weeks until I have another u/s.

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Not as much as my other pregnancies....my last one I ran a 5K at 34 weeks and was still lifting weights, etc.. Now, I couldn't even walk that far.

That said, I am walking twice a day right now. I walk DD to Kindergarten (1 mile there and back but with a 5 minute break to let them play on the playground in the middle). Then in the evenings DH and I have been walking another mile. I have only been more consistent recently and it has helped a lot with the aches. (A month ago I would walk 1-2 miles at a time but it was hit and miss....)

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I walk my dogs for an hour a day and have been hiking on the trails around home since the weather is nice!

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Now that the weather is finally nice, I walk the dogs almost every day, usually for 30-45 min. That's about it.:(
When I was preg with dd, I also did yoga 3 days a week, and the Gabrielle Reese prenatal fitness video 2 days, AND walked the dogs every day. I have found it way harder to get motivated this time!!

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I have done nothing at all because of bedrest. The doctors don't really want me doing anything that will "irritate" the uterine muscles as it could cause me to have more contractions. So I sit here all day long except to go potty. At least I get to walk across the house (not that far really) to go potty. I feel like I am loosing muscle mass really quickly. I have even started to wonder how I will ever make it through labor, especially since just a little bit of activity seems to wear me out. I am positive that it is going to take some time for me to recover from the birth.

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Mmm... pretty much nothing here that isn't just my usual day to day activity.. my treadmill has been growing dust since the day I found out I was pregnant.

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I run (lately slow jog LOL) 2-3 miles maybe three times a week plus prenatal yoga and some weights. I've definitely slowed down the past month

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Taking care of the 3 kids under 7 I have at home is a work out. I try to walk around the block 1/2 mile once a week.

It is funny I always thought you had to be in good shape to have a good labor. I did NOTHING when I was expecting my first and that labor was 33 hours. But I pushed myself and walked a mile-1 1/2 every night with the others. And while they where easy births (under 4 hours with each) I had a lot more prego pains with them then I do with this one. I had clicking hips and back pain that ran down my legs and hemroids. So I am trying to find a middle ground with this one. Staying active so if that plays into my birth length that it won't be another one that last over 24 hours, yet not pushing myself to the point that I am sore all the time.

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i walk at least 2 15 mins walks (one after lunch and one after dinner) --it helps keep my sugars at nice levels..... i also lift weights a few times a week....