Feeding issues- long

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Feeding issues- long

I don't know if I have updated you ladies or not... I have been having BFing trouble.:( Last week I was seeing an LC, and she referred us to a Dr who specializes in BFing. Turns out Sidney has a tongue-tie, which explains why we couldn't get her to latch properly. So today we had another appt, and had her tongue clipped. I actually cried, even though it was probably being held down that made her scream and not pain from the clipping. I don't know if I would have done it just for BFing, but it was bad enough that the Dr thought she would probably end up with speech problems in a couple of years if we left it alone. I guess I was hoping that she would latch on properly immediately after, and that didn't happen. My poor nipple was totally smashed after about 30 sec. The Dr said that she will hopefully improve in a couple of days, or she might not be able to break the habit of keeping her tongue back and chewing on me.
I have been BFing with a nipple shield (it gives me blisters on the end of my nipple, but it doesn't hurt as much because it protects me from the chewing) on the left side, and pumping on the right (it is still too damaged to latch her, even with the shield). At night I just pump and bottle feed to give myself a break.
I feel like a failure:( When I was pregnant with DD, I never considered not BFing. But, after 8 weeks and 12 visits with LCs, she didn't ever latch. Not even once. So I pumped for 6 months until I realized that my sanity was more important then breastmilk. I can't do that again, not with a toddler as well. But I also can't feed her when I'm in so much pain. She did so much damage in the first few days that my nips aren't healed completely after 2 weeks. I want this to work so badly!!
Sidney is probably my last baby, and it kills me that I might miss out on BFing again. What is even more unfair is that I have a great supply and make more than enough to feed her.
We have some exercises to do with her to help her learn to move her tongue. I am trying to stay optimistic, but it is really hard.
Sorry this was so long, thanks for reading.

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I'm sorry you are going through this. I have to say that I deeply admire anyone who has EPed for any amount of time - I can't imagine the amount of time & effort that it takes. I don't blame you one bit for not feeling gung-ho about doing it with a toddler to also take care of. Sure breast milk is "best", but at the end of the day, a happy & sane mom is far more important and if it causes you that much stress to pump again, formula is far from the end of the world (for the record, I was 100% formula fed as a baby and was a super healthy kid).

I hope you are able to get her latch fixed, but if not, you can't say you didn't try. I can imagine what a disappointment it is to not get to experience the whole BFing experience, even though personally I don't have any sort of emotional attachment with BFing; it just doesn't do anything for me that way (although I'm not taking the fact that I have had the opportunity to BF 2 babies for granted at all!).

Anyway, crossing my fingers for you that it does work out for you. I've heard from other people's talking about tongue tied babies that they can take a few days to figure it out & for their mouths not to be sore :?: KUP!

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OH, I really hope it works and soon! Glad you figured out the problem though.

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I'm sorry I have no advice but lots and lots of :bigarmhug: Sad

I'm rooting for ya and hoping that you guys get things worked out!!

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oh Rebecca. My sister had a toungue tied baby too and her breasts were torn up til she was clipped.

The things that helped her were - -- Target and BuyBuyBaby sell these clear dome like breast shells that you put on instead of the pads.... Medela sells them they are about 15 bucks --they are softshells for sore nipples. They let the them to air out and then you can put this creame on them. The LC has this great stuff that really helped my sister.

You take equal parts of Polysporian, hydrocortisone-1% and monistat 7. You take just a little of each, equal parts and mix. Then smear it on the nipple and put on the breast shells or just let them air out with it on...also, you don't have to wash your breasts b4 feeding, i would just wipe it off a little, but it's safe for baby.

Hang in there and if you pump, then at least the baby is still getting your milk. I know it's hard when you kinda have your heart set on it, but you gotta do what's best for both of you and if you're in so much pain, it'll make the experience less speical.

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:bigarmhug: im sorry you are having issues with this, i cant imagine going through the pain every time she eats or you pump! Im a wimp and probably would have given up a long time ago! Hopefully it wll get better now that she is clipped, i imagine her tongue would be a little sore, maybe once it heals things will go better, i hope things work out better over the next few days

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I think it's awesome that you are still trying. I am so sorry you had to go through getting her tongue clipped... that does not sound like a fun day. I am hoping it all works out for you, keep us updated!

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I am so sorry you are having these troubles. I commend you for continuing to try. I hope that the tongue clipping helps and you are able to experience breast feeding in a more comfortable and positive way! GL!