Feeding solids too slowly?

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Feeding solids too slowly?

I have been cautious with introducing the solids to G so I wouldn't overwhelm his system, but am now wondering if I am being too cautious. He has been eating solids since January 15 and he is consistently eating rice cereal, 5 different vegetables and I just introduced apples a couple weeks ago and have just incorporated them into his morning cereal. He did cut his lower incisors a couple weeks ago and they have not yet fully errupted, so I have not given him any finger foods. I am just looking for advice or an example of how you other mommies are feeding solids to your LOs. I'm pretty positive we've got the basic veggies down so I will be introducing more fruits starting this week and some veggie blends. Still holding off on the meats for a bit. I just don't want to be doing him a disservice or feeding him too many solids and not enough breastmilk.

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I don't know how much help I can be but I am happy to give you a gist of what we have been doing... I should probably mention that Alex was 8 months on Feb 27th so he is a few weeks older than your little guy, but he doesn't have any teeth yet.

I just increased Alex to 3 solid meals a day about a week ago which is something I wasn't sure if I was behind the ball on or too soon on either but he has been sleeping really well ever since so I am telling myself it was good timing. He still nurses first thing in the morning, last thing at night, and about an hour before each meal so 5 times a day or so (6 if he wakes up during the night which he still does once in a while). He will also sometimes have the odd little thing to eat between meals, mostly because he feels left out if I am eating and he is not so I try and have a little something for him too, or I will sneak in an extra nursing session before we leave the house so that he doesn't get fussy on me while we are out.

The only meat Alex has had so far is chicken, but he has had lots of fruits and vegetables (apples, pears, peaches, strawberries, banana, avocado, sweet potato, squash, peas, corn, broccoli, carrots, potato, onion, zuccini, tomato) in different combinations and these may or may not also be mixed with oats or barley but he hasn't had rice in quite some time due to some constipation. I am hoping to try rice cereal again very soon because we still have 3 boxes of it and we just ran out of oatmeal this morning. He has also had full fat yogurt, full fat marble cheese, whole wheat toast, plain cheerios, and graham crackers. I bought some salmon at the grocery store this week to cook for him soon here as well as I just made him his first pasta dish (whole wheat) today which he will probably try at supper tomorrow.

This is the link to the book I received as a gift which has been my main source of information and is great for recipes and ideas for different ages but my biggest challenge has been how MUCH to feed him because, like you, I don't want to cut back on nursing more than I should and I have found it difficult to find good sources on how much to feed him... http://www.amazon.ca/Top-100-Baby-Purees-Healthy/dp/0743289579 I have been making all his food myself at home with the exception of the obvious (graham crackers, yogurt, etc - I am not THAT devoted lol)

To be honest, your post made me feel better because everyone I talk to seems to think that I am being too cautious with introducing foods but I mostly I am just trying to avoid added sugars and salt. I really think the main thing is to go with your gut - you will know what the best decision is for YOUR baby and he will get to try everything eventually! Hope I was able to help, and to be honest - I am looking forward to seeing what others are doing as well and hopefully getting some more ideas for things to try.

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Well, breastmilk or formula are still supposed to be the main source of nutrition right up to a year. Solids at this point are really just for practice. IMO, it is better to be too cautious than to introduce too much, too quickly!! Sidney had some problems with solids- her system was just not ready for them until recently. We stopped them altogether for a couple of weeks, and now she seems to be tolerating food better. It surprised me, because dd1 started at 5 months, and never had any issues! So S is not eating much yet either. We have started finger foods, as she is working on her pincer grasp and doesn't have any issues with textures.
I make all of our food too. With dd1, my goal was to make it to a year without giving her anything with added sugar or salt. My sister called me the food naz! but I just think that it is SO much better to get them used to eating REAL food!!
So far, Sidney is eating rice, oatmeal, bananas, pears, peaches, yams, peas, and egg yolk. I have green beans and carrots made in the freezer but haven't tried them yet. I give her nutrios instead of cheerios because of the no added sugar and salt thing. She doesn't eat them yet, just practices picking them up and passing them between her hands. Now that she seems to be fine with digesting solids, I will probably start giving her some more variety.

ETA- You don't necessarily need to wait until they have teeth before introducing finger foods. As long as they dissolve or mash easily (and the baby is ready, usually 7-8 months) they can 'chew' with just their gums!

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Thank you ladies for your replies! It makes me feel better hearing what other moms are doing for their babies so I have something to compare what I am doing to and to make adjustments if I want to. My main thing was really knowing how much to feed, not necessarily the variety. I don't want to feed G so many meals of solids throughout the day that he doesn't want to breastfeed as much, knowing that breastmilk or formula should still be his number 1 source of calories until reaching a year of age. It is a little difficult though, because he is loving solids SO much and always wants more than what I have been feeding him. I did start giving him a small meal of veggies (about 3 heaping Munchkin brand spoonfuls) at night and have added a small meal of rice cereal with one scoop of apples in the morning. I guess one question I forgot to ask is should I nurse or feed solids first? I have been feeding the solids first because of the "portion control" I have for his solids, but I should probably go back to nursing before solids. We don't have a high chair yet, but I plan to get one in the next couple weeks, so we will give finger foods a try then. He tolerates the rice cereal very well, so I am going to try oats next week once the current box of rice expires or is emptied; whichever comes first.

So, I guess as long as I make sure the bulk of his calories are still coming from breastmilk, then I shouldn't worry too much about how I am feeding him solids. Again, thank you for the advice and sharing your feeding "schedules"!

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I started O on foods, about a month ago i think, she was older cuz i tried around 6 mnths and she wasn't ready yet. Anyways, i usually nurse her in the morning, she takes about a 45 min nap and then when she wakes up i give her some foods (usually a little veggie and a little fruit or two veggies). I don't feed her a lot - as it's more for practice and getting used to chewing. She really loves eating and REALLY wants everything we are eating now. I then will nurse her in the evening when i get home from work, and then about 1/2 hr later i give her a little food, then she takes a bath ,and nurses b4 bed, which ends up being about an 1hr after she has some foods. Sometimes i forget to feed her foods, again, she's getting the main stuff from me, and it's just practice. I have started to give her cut up foods.....her first was cut up peaches as they are easy to gum and swollow - i cut them probably too small, but make sure they are small enough to go down her throat without a choking hazard. I also have given her avacado slices, and whole wheat bread. We also use those mesh thingys and i have put grapes in those and she sucks out the juice.....it helps with teething too i guess... O does not have any teeth yet and she enjoys picking up her food and figuring out how to get it to her mouth.

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Here are the boys schedules

5:30am Bottle 6oz
7:00am Cereal and fruit
7:30am Bottle 6oz
10:30am Bottle 6oz
12:00pm Meat, veggie & fruit
1:30pm Bottle 6oz
4:30pm Bottle 6oz
6:00pm Meat, veggie & fruit
7:30pm Bottle 6oz

My dr told me they should be getting at least 32oz of formula right now while eatting. With this schedule they are getting around 36oz so I think we are good. Ashton, sleeps from 7:30pm until 5:30am so he is not fed at night. However, Easton is a terrible sleeper and gets between 8 and 12 oz of extra formula throughout the night.

I just started with the finger foods. I haven't gotten far with that yet. I am a bit paranoid about choking. When I was a child the toddler that lived behind my grandmas house died from choking on food (while I was at my grandmas). I remember the incident very clearly and it has impacted my adult decision making.