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First Word

Anyone there yet?

Last Friday Hunter started saying "dada" and "dad" over and over. *sigh* He has no clue what he's saying yet, he's just babbling, but still! DH is all smiles. Blum 3

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Brayden went through a phase were he said mama all the time, but it was just babbling and he hasnt done it in a long time.....he hasnt even tried to say dada though or any real babbles with the "da" sound......he is back to his screeching excited sceam sound.....he has learned how to say no by shaking his head, he learned that quick when i was trying to get him to eat his green veggies (which didnt go well) and now does it anytime he is done eating

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Sidney just started too, its dada and baba here. DH is thrilled, even though I point out that she is just playing with sounds, and has no clue what she's actually saying!! Biggrin

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G has said "ma-ma" but only during his babbling. He gets out a lot of "ga-gas" and "ba-bas" too. He is just practicing his sounds. Although one night when I walked in his room with my mom holding him, he turned, looked at me, and said "Ma!" He's only done it that once, and I think it was because he was already in a string of "ma-mas". I still don't think he really knows what he is saying.

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Dane started doing "dada" back in January (my DD didn't babble this early at ALL), but is maaaaybe just starting to get that DH is "dada" because he seems to say it more when DH is around, but that could be coincidence. He just started saying "mama" about a week or so ago but again is just making sounds. It's pretty cute though Smile

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Natalie is still just babbling too. She said mama a lot in the babbling for a while, but hasn't said dada yet. She prefers "Aaa" (apple sound), which I like to think is the biginning of "Andrea" for her sister which she adores.

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The closest we've come was yesterday when Lucas was crawling toward me whining "mamamamama" the whole time. It seemed intentional because as soon as I picked him up he stopped.

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O has been babbling since gosh, probably Jan....saying DADA... all.the.time. i don't count it as her first word though, cuz she has no idea what she's saying. She hasn't really been saying Dada anymore though. She did say MA once when my mom had her and i wasn't paying attention to her and she just yelled I'm sure i've heard her say mommmomomom a few more times, but just babble. She says baababababa too. I swear she said "uh oh" yesterday when something fell.... so, if she did, that would be her 1st word. Smile

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Just lots of strange noises at this point. Nothing that resembles a word. Nonetheless, it is still cute.