food cravings and aversion?

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food cravings and aversion?

Are you ladies having food cravings? For the past few weeks my dinners are planned around mustard, i cant get enought of it! Before i was pregnant i never really liked the taste, but now i LOVE it! I have been cooking and putting it on everything. The other thing i have been eating like a mad women is chocolate pudding, i add it to my vanilla ice cream, dip apple slices in it, eat it over canned fruit cocktail and i even dunked my granola bar into it this morning (very yummy by the way) I think i could basically live off of mustard and chocolate pudding......when i first got pregnant one of my big adversions was vegetables, i use to eat raw and cooked vegetables almost every day, but it became something i couldnt stomache early on in pregnany and i still cant stand the thought of, is it normal to have adversions through out pregnancy? I feel like the only healthy food i am eating is fruit and i know i need to start finding ways to get more healthy food in my body.....are you ladies still having adversions?

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Goodness... I am OUT of control with food lately. I am going to be one of those women who gains 80 pounds if I am not careful. It's like I constantly have the drunk munchies. I want some of EVERYTHING (and not just a little, a lot of everything). I tried the no sugar thing, and failed miserably... I gave up ... I crave fruit snacks like crazy. I have become a salt-aholic. All of my previous early pregnancy food aversions are completley gone. I still hate things I did before pregnancy, but other than that I am ready to eat eat eat. Even when I am full, I want to eat.

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food adversion is still chicken. B4 i got pregnant, that was like the one food i'd eat with no problem......then i got pregnant and now the thought of chicken makes me want to vomit..... there was a commerical about all the different kinds of chicken and i made DH change the channel cuz i thought i was going to gag..... i'm hoping that when i'm done with pregnancy that i can eat chicken again, cuz it's making some food choices kinda hard.

As for cravings....i tend to go like weeks or a few days at a time... in the begining it was raspberries, then it was bagels (those bagel thins), then pizza, then yogurt, then banana and PB, then cheetos cheese puffs and now it seems to be raw green beans and granny smith green apples.

As for getting veggies in....have you thought about making a smoothie and maybe adding a few carrots or green beans and sneak them in there? i don't know how it will taste, but just an idea. or do you like applesauce, maybe puree some and mix them in with applesauce? heck, if you like chocolate pudding, puree some veggies and mix em up with the pudding....again, don't know how it'll taste, but it's something.

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"SaraMeow" wrote:

It's like I constantly have the drunk munchies. I want some of EVERYTHING

ROFL YES!!! This is it exactly!!! I actually have fewer aversions now then before pregnancy lol. Usually I am not a salt person, I don't ever add it to my food and I don't really like things like chips. Then I get pregnant and can't get enough bacon and pickles!! I always like sweets though, that hasn't changed. I just want them even more now.
My cravings for a while were bacon and marshmallows. Awesome. Now I can't get enough pears, raisins, and milk. Much better!!
I don't really have any aversions anymore, but in the first tri I couldn't eat raw veggies. So I just cooked lots of broccoli with soy sauce (there's the salt thing again!). I personally can't do the smoothies right now because the texture bothers me, but that is a great way to get some extra fruit and veggies in.
If you can eat lots of fruit with the pudding, you probably don't need to worry so much about the veggies, right?? Eat whichever ones you can, and get the rest of your servings in fruit.

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You can put spinach in smoothies and you won't even taste it. If you use darker colored fruits you can't tell it's in there at all. I've done this a ton this pregnancy to get more greens in.

As for craving food, I was craving sweets and fruit snacks. Now I'll eat just about anything it seems. I'm trying to stick to healthier snacks and treats and I'm putting veggies into everything I can to get more in-esp spaghetti sauce and stir-frys.

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I've had so many cravings this pregnancy it's not even funny anymore! Steak, pizza, apples, ramen, pasta, fish fillets, rice... pretty much everything except sweets. I have a HUGE sweet tooth when I'm not pregnant, and now I can't even finish a slice of cake. I haven't had any real aversions this pregnancy, and with my girls I couldn't stand to eat meat. At this moment, all I want are fresh bakery bagels with some cream cheese. In about a week, it'll probably be something else!

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I went through a phase where I was hungry all the time but now I seem to have slipped into a food adversion. Nothing sounds all that great anymore. I am still eatting but everyday food sounds less and less appealing.

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I think I'm just generally hungry, like some of you have said. My sweet tooth has also come back, wasn't missing that!