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Friday QOTD

Have you ever had surgery or had to be in the hospital for something non-pregnancy related?

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Yes, when I was born I had a couple surgeries on bladder.

When I was a teen, I had a major seizure and was ambulanced to hospital.

When I was in college, I had a cyst removed from my wrist.

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I had an eye infection about 10 yrs ago. It came on suddenly and was pretty bad so they put my in the hospital for 3 days. They did an MRI to rule out the infection spreading to my brain.

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when i was in 3rd grade i had my tonsils removed.

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I had Hepatitis A when I was in grade 5. I also had a problem with my red blood cells during this time and had to go to the Children's hospital once a month for about a year. I had terrible bruising on my body etc. They found out my blood cells are shaped differently? They thought a lot of the sympotms were due to my body changing i.e puberty. Other than that I have been perfectly healthy Smile

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Not once until 2003 when I was 24. I got Mono and it was so bad I endded up on bedrest from Aug-Dec!! At the end my tonclies where so swollen even when not infected that they had to be removed.

When I was 18 weeks along with Heath I was in the hospital because I was having pains that felt like early labor. After some test they sent me home on pain meds for another maybe "bowel" issue. The baby was in the way to see to many of my organs well.

I was kept in the hospital 2 extra days after Heath's birth because of bleeding and then on bedrest for a week at home after his birth. My crit fell from 12-6 in 3 hours, they almost lost me at one point.

After his birth I had major pain and bleeding with every cycle and my iron was way down. After a lot of visits they agreed to do some US test and found out I had a blockage in one of my fallopian tubes and thought it was an infection and I was put on meds. After a few months of no changes I went back and I just could not live in pain for 3-4 days as a single mom any more each month so they did explotory surgery. They found a tumor and had to take the entire tube. I also had a DNC at that time. I was told I only had a 5% chance of ever getting prego and if I did I would not carry the baby to term! I was in the middle of a divorce and did not care at that point. But when Bill and I started to date in Sept we talked about it and seeing as we only see eachother 2 times a month we where relaxed about it and figured if I did we would deal with it. LOL we got prego on our 1 month anerversy of dating and here I am 32 weeks along with a healthy baby Smile

Turns out that my fallopian tumor (size of an orange) was the cause of my prego pain at 18 weeks and the bleeding I had after delivery and cycles after. It was messing with my women hormones.

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Believe it or not, I have never been hospitalized except for when DD was born.

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I have no stories! No surgeries or broken bones or any other scary problems, i havent even had a cavity or any dental work other then cleaning! I have been very lucky! Biggrin

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Nope! The closest thing I've had is my wisdom teeth removed when they were impacted and growing in sideways.

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Nope, the only time I've been in the hospital is popping out my kids, LOL.

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"grovey2" wrote:

when i was in 3rd grade i had my tonsils removed.

When I originally read this I read "I had my toenails removed"... it certainly made me take a second look!!

No surgery here. No broken bones. No nothing really... I have never been admitted to the hospital for anything in my life...

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I was hospitalized overnight once for an overian cysts, that's it other than when I had ds.

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When I was 16 I had a bad car accident which required to me to be transported by ambulance to the hospital. Now I was taken to ER where I got 12-13 stitches in my forehead but was released that night.

Then a year after DS#2 was born I had a boob job. Guess that's minor surgery Smile

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I had surgery to "clean out" severe endometriosis...both my ovaries looked like "chocolate kisses" they were so covered. Plus the scarring connected my intestines to the uterus. Let's just say it's lots easier to use the restroom now. And now I've got baby #5 on the way...(though it still took long enough after the surgery to get pregnant with #1 that they don't know if that was why I couldn't get pregnant for so many years--especially where it took another 3 years to get #2...)

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I had 2 d&c's after dd was born because I had retained placenta.
Otherwise, the worst injury I ever had was sprained ankles!

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When I was almost two, my ten year old sister was carrying me on her shoulders. She was only holding my feet and I leaned backward and hit my head on the corner of my Mom's sewing table. I had an indentation in my head that was about an inch and a half long. They thought that I had fractured my skull and kept me in the hospital for observation. After some test, they found nothing wrong with my brain and sent me home. Let's hope that I never lose all my hair because I still have a minor indentation in my head. I'm sure it would look very funny without any hair.