Gallstones or Abdominal Seperation?

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Gallstones or Abdominal Seperation?

I've explained in other threads about this burning, stinging, stretching sensation I have under my right boob/rib cage. The pain is becoming something I can barely tolerate. I thought it was related to heartburn but when I asked the doctor he said it was probably just my muscles stretching. Well tonight I decided to do more research on it & I'm come to the conclusion that it's one of two things........

Gallstones or abdominal separation

I called my BFF b/c she's had gallstones before & she thinks that's what I have. I have several of the symptoms so guess I'll call the doctor tomorrow to see what they think. All I know is I can't endure this pain for the next 6-8 weeks. It's making it damn near impossible for me to get any sleep at night b/c I'm in so much pain from this.

Any of you dealing with the burning, stinging sensation under your right boob/rib cage? If so, have you talked with your OB about it? What they'd say?

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I've never had gallstones or really even know anything about them so I'm no help there, but I did have excruciating pain at the bottom of my rib cage on my right side with my first pregnancy for my entire 3rd trimester. My OB determined it was pressure from my uterus on a previously broken rib pulling/tearing the muscle & connective tissue. Luckily it seems to have been stretched enough last time to not happen again. Anyway, that's all the insight I have, sorry you are miserable Sad

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I don't have a lot of experience, but I would think the locations would be different. I'd expect the muscle pain to be at the surface. I've had some awful muscle pain a little lower than you are describing with this preg and it is definately muscle and changes with BH's, etc. I'd expect gallstones to be in deeper.

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I have no idea, but I wanted to say I hope the pain subsides and that it isn't anything serious! It's already so hard to sleep pregnant, you don't need the extra pain. Let us know what the doc says

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I have abdominal separation, and it is not pain like that it is more like I did to many sit ups and it hurts to roll over or do the type of movments that you need your abdominal wall to help, like sitting up from bed ect.

I did have a pan that they could not figure out what it was under my right rib cage and it sent me to the hospital at 18 weeks and they looked for gal stones and could not find them. They never "found out" what was causing the pain and sent me home on some stool and pain meds, thinking it was a overian cyst that burst. When he was a few months old we found out I had a blocked flopian tube and antibodiots did nothing thing to clear it out so they did surgery to fit it and it endded up being a toumor!! But because of the way the baby was my tubes where not in the reg place, and the toumor was missed on the US. I only got it check out because I kept having bleeding after the birth.

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My sister had gall stones while pregnant with her first. She always described it as feeling like someone had put a knife in her under her ribs and twisted the knife. She had to follow a very strict diet to avoid the pain. If she cheated at all, she was back in pain. She had her gall bladder removed about three weeks after her DD was born. I hope that they can do more for you if that is what it is. Keep us posted on what the doctor says.

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No advice :bigarmhug: I hope you start feeling better soon though or the doctor can give you some kind of answers!!

The only pains I've had are every so often I'll get that "runners cramp" feeling and I'm not sure what it is, but it doesn't last, it just usually comes and goes.

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I just had my gall bladder removed in April, and it's exactly like being stabbed with a knife. It's WORSE than labor!

Watch what you eat. An attack can last you a few hours. Try to eat non-fatty foods. i found pasta was ok with some sauce, no oils or anything (or if you're cooking with it, VERY little), i lived off soup and dry toast for a bit cause i had to wait 3 days for my surgery. You can eat a lot of things still just take note of what is it in.

If it is gall stones, your dr has to give you antibiotics cause it can get infected. With them you can't have any dairy (or 6 hours before thing like that). I know what the pain is like, i was crying with pain and do not wish it on my worst enemy. I hope your dr gets an ultrasound asap to determine if it is gallstones.

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I finally heard back from the doctor & apparently he doesn't think it's gallstones. Just told me to up my Nexium medicine & see how that works over the weekend. At this's not helping me much. Still in pain but Pepto does seem to help with the pain so I just don't know what's going on...I just know I don't want this pain to continue for the remainder of my pregnancy. UGH