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Why is my mom here if she isn't doing anything? :mad: Just once could she do something on her own initiative and why am I the one who has to pack up my newborn this morning in order to take my older daughter to class?! Grrr, I'm frustrated. She mostly just reads books all day.

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Glad she is getting a little vacation at your house :rolleyes: No in all seriousness, that is tough, I'm sorry she isn't taking any initiative.

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That would be frustrating. Have you asked her for help?

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IF that was my mom I would say "put out or get out". but thats just because she would say the same thing... but because you don't want to hurt your moms feelings, how about telling her how much it would mean to you for her to do some ( and name specific tasks)? its kind of passive aggressive I know, but at least she wouldn't feel bad and you can get your point accross. GOOD LUCK!

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Sooo.. YOU just had a baby and she is there to... have a nice vacay??? That would be sooo frustrating. Maybe you could make a list of things that you need to do and show it to her and ask if there is anything on the list she would like to help you with?

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Is she there to help you out, or does she live with you? I mean, either way she should help you anyway! My mom couldn barely put my newborns down! So sorry you're going through this...

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She has been doing a few things. She gets DD cereal for breakfast in the morning and will help make dinner if I decide what to make. I'm just frustrated that she doesn't do more. This was her week to "help". When MIL was here, she did everything from laundry to dishes, etc. She even washed windows once!

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Yikes, sorry she's not showing more initiative. I would honestly start to show the b*tchy side real quick if it was me!

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This is totally what my mom would do! Or let the kids run rampant and tear up our house. I'm not even having over for an extended stay b/c of it. When is she going home?

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:bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug: :bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug: :bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug::bigarmhug:

I can't push that smiley face button enough! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO there. MIL pulled that $hit with DS when he was born. SHE DID NOTHING. absolutely NOTHING. Well, I take that back, she did complain. That was it though. I did everything, Oh! and she came out 5 days after I got out of the hospital (after a 40 hour labor!)... :eek: Yup, she's a wiener. She's gracing us with her presence on the 28th apparently.. but yet I have no details on the vacation, just that she'll be here.. :rolleyes: doing nothing I'm sure. At least I'm slightly more recovered this time around..

So bottom line of my "me" story was, I KNOW YOUR PAIN.. hugs hugs and more hugs!!

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I feel you and I live with my Dad. I asked him to hold the baby the other day and he acted like I put him out. Forget it I'll ask the 7 and 5 year old and get more help out of them then from him. He says the house is a mess but it is his house too and he dose nothing and then when my aunt offred to clean this week because she wanted to knowing how hard it is to have a new baby he got mad at me for "making the house such a mess and having her clean it" WTF all she did was wipe down the microway and stove top and use the dust mop in the kitchen not like she was doing bathrooms or anything!!!


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invite the mil back and let her show her how it's done! I wish you the best of luck.....