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first i just wanted to throw it out there--we had a lot of babies born with a lot of hair.... i never noticed so many bbabies with so much hair!!!

So i wanna know - how many of you had some killer heartburn? Is the old wives tale true for you? It was for me....i had major indigestion/heartburn throughout the pregnancy. Tums were my BFF.

Also - we give Olivia a bath about every 2-3 days --- to me her hair always looks so greasy the day do i get it to not look that way - it's super soft when you touch it and not greasy at all- it's just some of it looks shiney and i don't want ppl to think i'm not washing her hair... I was using the Aveeno bath and shampoo and now i switched to regular johnson nad johnson baby shampoo -- but it doesn't seem to matter...

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My DS has a ton of hair & yes I had horrible heartburn...BUT I had even worse heartburn with my DD who had hair when she was born too but nothing like my DS has.

As far as keeping it "clean" - I wouldn't stress it so much! It obviously IS clean if you are washing it every few days. I would guess that some hormone or something is to blame for that extra oily look to baby's hair because both of my kids have had that problem too but no one has ever really noticed but me (even my DH who would definitely say something if he thought it looked dirty). I have had compliments on how shiny DS's hair is however :shrug: Once that hair they are born with is replaced with new hair or falls out, the new hair is more "normal" or at least that was the case with my DD.

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My baby has a LOT of hair. It's the first thing people notice about her. I wash her hair every second day because it looks so dirty and greasy. They day I don't wash it; it looks horrible. I would love a solution too.

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I've used a little baby powder for this. Also, what I usually do is put a teensy bit of baby wash on a washcloth & run warm water through it so it's just barely sudsy, ring it out really good & rub it on my baby's head, then rub a towel on it to dry it. That works wonders on Gracie's little downy fluff.
Oh, very little heartburn here Smile

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I had tons of heartburn. But, I also did with DD1, and she was totally bald:D The nurse told me this time while I was pushing that she could see hair, and I didn't believe her!
Sidney's always looks greasy too. And she has a killer case of baby acne right now too so she looks like I never bathe her. :dontknow:

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I don't think I had particularly bad heartburn, some but not outrageous by any means.

I bath Natalie every day but I don't always use soap. I often just wet her down. She loves bathtime.

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I bath Brayden everyday but the days i dont get around to it his hair looks greasy, i was using johnson&johnsons but now im using the body shops baby line and i like it alot better, his skin and scalp arent as flaky......I had horrible heartburn, Bayden did have hair but nothing like the hair alot of the babies on this board were born with!

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I had some bad heartburn, but Leo is pretty bald. Biggrin Ditto on the baby acne though, it's driving me crazy.

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Everything I ate I got Heart Burn and yes Candace has hair

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Bad Heartburn here...but a very bald baby.

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I had awful heartburn and had tums with me at all times. Roman has just about as much hair as you would expect to see on a newborn.. so it didn't do the crazy hair growth thing for me. I am bathing Roman 2-3 times a week. NIght before last was the first time we used any soap and only on his head. We used the Johnson and Johnson.. but I just remembered that we got some California Baby Calendula kind at a shower.. I think I want to try that... I am just nervous about it irritating his skin.. but it says all natural....

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I had no heartburn and a baby with a full head of hair! G has a killer case of baby acne too and I hate it! His face always looks so oily and it drives me nuts! No one has commented on it, but I hate it! Did I mention that I hate it?:rolleyes: