Hello Can I join you?

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Hello Can I join you?

Hi ladies!
I'm wondering if I can lurk here more often and join you too?
I'm coming over from Aug, I know a couple others are on both July and Aug.

I'm Marilyn, due with my 2nd boy on Aug 3 (according to LMP). According to the u/s at 20 weeks I'm due Aug 2.

As of today, its likely I will be having a scheduled Csec on July 15! :eek:

If you want to read the whole ordeal, heres what went on at my appt today, which led to the Csec being scheduled. Warning, its long.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting to know you ladies too.

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Hello! I'm a board-hopper, too. Smile And I know you! Smile

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I read your story and I'm so sorry that you have to make this decision. I'd like to say that your doctor sounds wonderful and I don't think she would suggest anything that she did not think would be good for you and baby. The ladies here are wonderful and very supportive. We may not all be having the same experiences, but we have all tried to be as supportive of each other as we can. I think that is why I have enjoyed being on here so much. Welcome to July

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Welcome to July. That is a very difficult decision to make, but your doctor seems to have yours and the baby's best interest at heart. Like you said, at least you'll be able to be prepared for your recovery and know what to expect.

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What a lot to stress over!! Take your time to make a decision-you have time. GL!!

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You do have a lot on your plate & I can see how making the "right" decision can be very stressful. Trust your doctor & do what feels right to you. Could they not schedule an early induction so you could get a "normal" birthing experience if the baby is measuring big at your next u/s. Just a thought.......

Welcome to the July board--we have a great group of ladies here that are very helpful & informative. Best of luck to you on making a very important decision.

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I am on both boards too. These ladies are great.

I have left you a more serious heart felt message on the Aug post

....but on a more joking side of things - I am going to be extremely jealous if you have your (healthy full term baby) before me. Wink

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Well, I'm sorry for the circumstances leading you to join us...but glad you're here!

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Hey Marilyn :wavehello: Nice to have you over here! Sorry about the whole situation with your c-section.

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I read through your other post and I saw some wonderful responses from those board members. I hope in the end you get what is best and wonderful for both you and your baby.

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Thanks everyone for the welcome Smile

To Becca and Jennie, yep I'm joining the board hopping Wink
Ashley - Nice to be on the same board again! Smile

Just an update, I'm much more at peace with the decision for a Csec. Ive spent lots of time thinking about it and talking with DH and a few close family and friends, and it's a good decision for us. I did do an update over on the Aug thread if you want to read more.