HELP! The Website Hates me!

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HELP! The Website Hates me!

This is normal Sarameow
So... every once in a while I come here and I am logged out... EVERY SINGLE TIME it doesn't accept my password, always tells me it is wrong... I am positive I have it right. Anyway... I always have to request to have it reset and I get the email and come in and reset it and I am logged in until it happens again.
This time I have requested the email sent like SIX times in the last multiple hours and NOTHING HAS BEEN SENT! I cannot log into my account! I am sure there is somewhere else I need to post this but.. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr what do I do?!!!

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Hi Sara,

If you can you log into your regular account, can you take a peek at your profile (click profile, then edit on the main homepage after logging in) and make sure that all the spaces indicated by the red * are filled in. Newer accounts shouldn't be affected by that (ie it shouldn't have let you finish registering without that info complete) but take a look, just in case... *if* any are not complete, make sure to complete them because that can/will cause issues.

The other thing we suggest is to make sure you clear your cache (cookies/temp files) from any and all computers/devices you access PO from. It is possible that you have picked up a corrupt cookie somewhere and that could be causing the issues.

I'm also going to show this to Admin and get MissyJ to take a look and see if she can figure out what is going on in case none of the above is the issue Smile

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I'm so sorry that you are having problems with your account. I just took a peek at your account and believe that it is most likely a corrupt cookie on your computer that is creating the issue. Also - if you are accessing the site from more than one computer / computer device (for example - a work computer and home computer or home computer and "smartphone"/blackberry), your new password reset may be taking place only on the one. When you log back in on the other it may have had an old pw stored and create the conflict.

I'll be more than happy to help you with resetting your account and walking through the steps to remove any conflicts from all the computing devices used. Drop me an email at [email][/email]. Don't forget to incl. your username for me. Smile

All the best!