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I woke up today and it has just been an off day.
Lost some of my plug (yesterday)
But the strange one is I have a large bump under my armpit that hurts!!! :eek:

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Ugh. Sounds awful. Sounds like you are sick, except for the horney part.

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Could the lump have something to do with the milk ducts?? (just throwing it out there, NO idea!)

:bigarmhug: I hope you feel better!

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Oh sooo sorry you're feeling this way! I agree with Pamela on the lump...sounds like milk ducts but that's just my opinion.

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I got a lump just outside my armpit towards the end of my last pregnancy that went away at some point...? Sorry about the raging hormones :confused:

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Sorry about the headache and vomiting.. hope you feel more normal soon!