I think I'm in for it!

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I think I'm in for it!

Sidney is rolling already!!:eek: She did it for the first time 2 weeks ago, and I thought it was a fluke- she just managed to kick the right way and flopped on to her back. But... This week, she has rolled every day!! This morning she did it twice, yesterday 3 times. Tummy time is getting difficult because she won't stay there lol!
I don't even know what "normal" is for rolling... I don't think DD1 did it consistently until she was like 7 months:eek:

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It sounds like she is doing good! My dr asked me yesterday at Braydens 2 month appt if he was rolling, i was a little confused because i didnt think it was that common for babies to roll that soon so i wasnt sure why he was asking, brayden has rolled 2 times but im pretty sure they were flukes, one time he was about 4 weeks and then another time around 6 or 7 weeks. Brayden HATES tummy time! He is content for a minute of two but starts crying shortly after......Sounds like Sidney is doing great!!! You might have your hands full soon with a active baby!!

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Yikes! I'm pretty sure my DD was pretty old when she was rolling too. I guess Sidney is extra-motivated! Maybe that'll be a good thing Wink

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Haha Hunter started to do it around 3.5 weeks. At this point, he will still roll if he's left on his tummy of a long time or he's extra grumpy, but now he usually just picks up his head a lot more and focus' on holding it up and looking around.

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G rolled once when he was about 3 weeks but not since. And he hasn't decided if he likes tummy time yet. He is getting good at picking his head up and his legs are getting really strong. He almost flipped over the pillow on his mat!

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Natalie doesn't let me put her on the floor much, and tummy time is even harder so we she doesn't get a lot of chances.

Sounds like your little one is ready to move Wink

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Aubree is an anti roller.. and an anti tummy-timer. haha!

Go Sidney! Smile