Im going crazy!!!!

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Im going crazy!!!!

I think Brayden might be developing colic.....He literally hasnt stopped crying since monday. The only time he will stop is when i take him for a drive or when i hold him and bounce him in my arms, he will fall asleep and he out cold but as soon as i put him down he is screaming again......he was up from 11:30pm to 1am and then woke up again at 3am and was up for most of the morning, i ended up taking him for a drive at 6am so i could get peace and quiet and he slept for 45 minutes when i got home and then started screaming again (just as i was falling asleep) so i took him for a walk which made him sleep for maybe 30 minutes when we got home and then he started screaming again.....I ended up taking him for another drive around lunch time (i cried the entire time i was driving because im so frustrated and tired) We have spent the rest of the afternoon eating/crying/pooping, but mostly screaming......I finally got him in his swing and he is sleeping, which is great for peace and quiet but not so good because if he is sleeping now there will be no way he will be sleeping tonight.....I cant wait for my DH to get home, today was my due date and all i keep thinking is i wish i was still pregnant Sad I dont know how people handle a baby that screams all day long......

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My son was real fussy too. If you are bf/pumping, try watching what you eat. With my son, I felt like I could barely eat anything or he would be fussy. I cut out dairy and tried to minimize spicy, caffeine, anything that causes you to have gas could cause him to have gas. Colic/fussiness is related to an underdeveloped GI system and goes away at 3 months or so. In the mean time, try watching what you eat, mylicon, and ask your doc about gripe water. Good luck!

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:bigarmhug: I am so, so sorry!! My dd was a colicky screamer too. I totally understand, I thought I would go completely insane. Will he sleep in his swing at night? I know that you aren't 'supposed' to do that, but anything that will let you sleep a bit is a good idea. Don't worry about him sleeping during the day/not sleeping at night either. Most babies will sleep better at night if they nap enough during the day.
Like Holly said, I also found that there were things that I could cut out of my diet that helped with dd's crying. Caffeine and spicy food were the big ones, she was worse when I drank coffee:(
Have you read the happiest baby on the block? There were some things in there that worked really well for my dd too.
Hang in there, it feels like the end of the world now, but it'll be over before you know it!!

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I am sooo sorry. Sleep deprivation is sooo frustrating... and a crying baby would be sooo overwhelming. Hang in there.

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:bigarmhug: :bigarmhug: :bigarmhug:

DD was just like that. It was terrible! I feel just awful for you. I tried everything with her and there just wasn't much that would work. I stopped bf DD because I just couldn't handle it. We tried different formulas. Nothing worked. I finally started letting her sleep in her carrier sometimes. I would go for a ride, she would fall asleep and I would bring her in the house in the carrier and leave her. I know you are not supposed to do that but that was the only way I could get some rest. I tried colic stuff and it didn't help either. I know you are supposed to make sure you feed them while they are at an angle (not flat on their backs) because that can make them colicy. I tried special bottles, everything. How about swaddling? Have you tried that? Many people swear by the miricale blanket. I haven't tried one but I bought one for the twins just in case. I sure hope you find something that helps soon!

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DS was like this. Are you breastfeeding? I couldn't get a break from him nursing-- he'd scream off the boob. To get any sleep at all, we had to co-sleep and he pretty much stayed glued to my boob the rest of the time-- and he wasn't using me as a paci. he was actually drinking milk. And I agree, sometimes what you eat can affect breast milk.

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My first son was like this and I had to cut dairy from my dite and then he was a new kid.

MY DD was like this too and not only did I cut dairy but I had her sleep in the swing all night and me on the sofa. Do what you have to do to get some rest and if that means they sleep in a swing DO IT!!!

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Andrea was colicy too, I'm so sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We would push herin stroller around and around living room for hours.

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My dd had colic and it was HORRIBLE! Our dr said that we could put her in a carseat, bouncer, swing whatever to sleep at night. you gotta do what you gotta do! don't be afraid to ask for help, being sleep deprived and a crying baby can REALLY work your nerves. We use to swaddle her and lay her in our forearm on her belly and sway. Also a hairdryer hanging on the door knob going full blast. any kind of white noise. Good luck to you and hang in there, the one good thing is it doesn't last forever....

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I am having the same problem! I cannot put Jacob down while he is awake. He is up every 1 1/2 to 2 hours at night. I know he is having tummy issues - he grunts all the time and cries when he takes the bottle. The thing that has been helping me the most is the carrier. He sleeps in at night. We have yet to attempt the crib.

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big time hugs...... do you have a neighbor or family member that can just take him for 10 mins to give you a scream free moment? My sister's lil' one is just like this..... white noise seems to help and someone else suggested it - that book happiest baby on the block..... my sister read it and has taken some of the suggestions and they are working. She's BF, so she has cut out the major dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese) and nuts....don't konw if it's the cutting out the dairy and nuts or some of the suggestions from the book she's using, but she has gotten a litlte better and my sister gets a little break......

Talk to your Dr and make sure if you can, get some help......or just put him in a safe spot for a few minutes so you can step out and regain some sanity..... Smile Many hugs!!!