I'm home..

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I'm home..

Thanks Bethany for updating everyone! Smile

I'm home, with no baby (obviously haha!). I went in for my 9 am NST appointment and as we're on our way there Dh goes "oh so how long will this take?" and I tell him, "eh, this is the quick one, they'll just monitor me and do an ultrasound and send us home".. HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH!!!! 5 hours later.. I'm home. hahaha So we get there, hook me all up and Aubree is in the 190's (and my HB and BP's aren't in a 'happy' zone either).. so they give me a minute and she's still hovering. So then they give me 30 more minutes and she's now going between 180-190. SO they give me MORE time.. and the lowest we ever got her was high 170's. So the Dr. on call in L*D comes over and says that she wants me to head over and be monitored for an hour or two just to see.. (this was about eh.. 10:30??). So we get all settled in, they get IV's going (my arm looks like a dang battle field!) take blood and we get settled. After about an hour in there she starts to come down into the 170's-160's. So they tell me to get comfy and just hang out.. so finally another hour or so passes and she's now TOTALLY asleep and in the 160-140 range.. so obviously they are happier with that. My BP's start to come down and what not so everything looked good. Well, right before we're getting ready to leave, the nurse comes in and says that we're still waiting on my protein count but that since everything else looked so good they'll probably just send me home. IN the mean time, I had placed that call for my doctor about the iron and so he called my cell phone while we were up there-- we couldn't get reception though so he called me in L*D and we talked about the iron and he said that the level they gave me is okay but obviously don't go over and he also mentioned the constipation and I asked for some stool softener, so I now have that.. oh goody! So then I tell him how we're up in L*D waiting on my proteins to come back and then I should get to go home.. and he goes "oh yea.. they're in now.. I can see them.. and I'm not thrilled. They are pretty high.." So about 20 seconds after we end that call the nurse comes in and tells me that yes, my proteins are high, but aren't 'high enough'. (they did a quick draw: apparently .35 is immediate induction, anything over .18 is "pre-e", well I came back at .28-- so not high enough to induce, but not 'friendly' either. The nurse had said that had i been like .30, they might have discussed it..) So basically my doctor and the L*D doctor AND the nurse all said that based on my 24hr I'll turn in on tuesday, that'll be the make it or break it day. If my proteins come back higher, they'll induce.. if they stay the same or lower, then we'll induce on Sunday.. OBVIOUSLY unless she comes on her own sooner.. which I'm still losing plug haha! Since none of the doctors are saying, enough is enough, I'm hoping mother nature will! Anyway, that's the latest over here..

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I'm glad you're back home and you're both ok. Do they have thoughts on why her hr was so high? That's funny that they're waiting for protein results on Tuesday to make the decision, my Dr is waiting for the same thing on Monday/Tuesday.

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You're welcome Pamela!

Glad your home & Aubree's heart rate came down. How frustrating though to be going back & forth....you would think since your close to 38 weeks they would just go on & induce you. Look at it this way....the most you have is about a week!

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Well, sorry for another adventure but glad everything is okay!

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Im glad everything turned out to be ok with Aubree. It sounds like a VERY long day! At least you know that regardless of what happens tuesday you know that there is an end in sight and you will have a healthy baby girl sometime Sunday Yahoo

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Glad Aubree's hr came down. I know the back and forth is getting frustrating, but not too much longer now. The end is in sight! KUP!

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Sorry for your crummy appointment...but you'll have a baby soon!!

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I am glad to here your little girly is doing okay. You are ALMOST there.

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geez..... i'm glad that Aubree's heartrate came down but boooo on the protiens. I'm hoping that mother nature helps you out here...