Irritated or yeast infection

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Irritated or yeast infection

I feel a little tiny bit itchy down there. I don't know if it is the start of a yeast infection or if it is just irritated from the 3 million times a day I have been peeing. I have only had two real yeast infections after taking antibiotics... one I cured with yogurt (eating and putting a little on the opening- obviously wouldn't put any there while pregnant) and the other hit me like a freight train after a double antibiotic dose so I got some over the counter.. don't remember what kind it was so long ago, and put it in and within a minute was in the shower screaming and getting it out because it burned sooooooooooooooooooooooo bad. Either the 2 minutes it was in worked, or all the yogurt did.

Anyway.. doc office is closed and I am not sure what to do. There is no foul smell or chalky discharge (I did lose my mucus plug this morning).... just the slight itchiness (and I only notice the itchy after I pee and I am wiping)... My concern is what if I go into labor? I don't want to have him born and get thrush if it is yeast.... but I also don't want to use something and then go into labor tonight and have the medicine hurt him. I am also not thrilled at the idea of using anything otc after the last experience if it is just irritation.... I have eaten yogurt today, but the yogurt I eat while pregnant has sugar which also feeds yeast, so I don't know that it is as effective as the sugarfree stuff I ate pre pregnancy.

What to do?

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TMI: I remember being 'itchy' the last few weeks. I chalked it up to hormonal changes because nothing ever came of it, but you might want to get it checked out anyway. I think they have OTC swab tests that will let you know if you might have one or not, you could perhaps start there. Then you can decide if you need to see a doctor. Yeast likes moisture, if you have a liner (or even a pad) might not hurt to throw it on just to help with moisture. That's about all I have to offer other than if you really think it's an infection, make sure to call your doc first thing Tuesday AM, or head into a urgent care clinic or ER. :bigarmhug:

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Yes, they do have over the counter tests now.

I think I would start with that.

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I'd air the area out for a while and see how it feels. If it doesn"t get better, I'd recomend treating it with the 7-day cream lightly. Also great to take a probiotic by mouth at any time.