Just returned from appoinment.. saw the doc

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Just returned from appoinment.. saw the doc

So... after the whole induction appointment without talking to me I have seen my doctor. The did an ultrasound this morning, but it wasn't really helpful. His head was too low to see on the belly ultrasound, they tried doing it vaginally but it was so low it just skewed the view so they couldn't tell anything there either. He didn't move at all during the ultrasound which didn't do anything to alleviate my concerns... it was just like having his heart monitored but seeing it at the same time. Sigh.... We were able to kind of see a foot and arm and belly... he looks chubby.... both the doc and u/s tech said he is definitely NOT a small baby... I am scared! Doc said at lease 8 1/2 pounds:eek:.

Anyway.... I asked her to strip my membranes and she did, but said if I go into labor it won't be her.. she is off to a conference through Sunday at 7!!!! I am totally bummed.. the worst part is the on call doc from Friday at 3 pm until Saturday at 8 am is not form their place... is a partner and is MALE...... I don't like that AT ALL.... but I didn't want to pass up on having my membranes stripped as I am trying to avoid induction. If I do not have him by the 20th then I will have to be induced. After a lot of research my husband and I do not want to go more than a week past due do to the risks associated with it, and we are both pretty positive they are a week off on my due date.. and that I am actually already 2 days past due. In addition to that the ultrasound scared me... I know I don't feel him a lot because of my placenta.. but I just assumed he was bopping around in there.... seeing him not move just freaked me out.

This really isn't all going the way I envisioned...... Hope that membrane stripping helps!

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If it helps at all, babies that are full term really don't move that much as there's not much room in there to move around! If your OB didn't seem concerned about decreased movement then you should be fine (you and baby!). I know what you mean about the "man doctor" lol, my OB was out of town with DS#2 and I had to have the male OB in the practice deliver me and it was a horror story! Everything horrible that you could imagine going through happened. I NEVER want to be delivered by a man again! I'd rather pull the baby out myself!

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i have a male ob and honestly, i LOVE HIM. I wasn't sure how i'd feel about it, but i've also had a year to get to know him before i got pregnant. ALso, i mostly go to the female midwives, and she'll be the one dealing with me for the most part.... :bigarmhug: I know my sister was not happy if she had to have a male dr, and her baby stayed put til her dr came back....so i hope yours hangs in or gets out before your dr leaves. and 8.5lbs isn't bad considering how far along you are right now..... plus it's always give or take some..

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My OB was a male and even though he didnt deliver Brayden most of the women who had him loved him and most of my friends who have had ob'/gyn's in the past seem to prefer males over females.....they are more gentle and understanding apparently??? I would just make sure you have a copy of your birth plan, in all honesty I spent more time with the nurses then with the dr during delivery so i would just make sure they know your thoughts and concerns and they will take care of you! Hopefully stripping the membranes works and you will have a baby soon!! Good Luck!

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First off, I'm sorry it's not going like you had hoped. I totally know the feeling as the end of my pregnancy was definitely not like I had envisioned it!

I hope the membrane stripping helps and you go into labor soon on your own. My doctor is also female, but the doc on call when I actually got to pushing time was male. I had met him once before, but that was it. At first, I didn't like it at all. But honestly, he was so matter of a fact and honest it was very comforting. Plus, he had a much better sense of humor than my normal doctor had. It seems like a strange thing to comment on, but by the end it was nice to have that little bit of humor to keep me going.

Good luck either way. I have my fingers crossed for you!

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Sorry it wasn't a reassuring appointment. Hope the membrane strip helped and that you go into labor soon. My OB is a male and I love him. My first gyno was a female because I thought a male would be really awkward but I've actually loved the care I've gotten from my male dr much more because I think women in some ways are less empathetic! Anyway, the dr only generally does a very tiny part of the delivery (just catching the baby & taking care of any trauma below on you) and the rest is done by the nurses. I think I saw my dr a total of 15 minutes the day I had her including my whole induction.

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If it's any comfort, most babies don't move around a whole lot that late in the game, especially if they are as big as he is....there's just not enough room. My first daughter was 8.9 and I panicked a few time because I would go a whole day without feeling her move at all. She's 8 now and fine. Don't stress. It will happen. She was about 3days to a week past her due date also.

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"Starryblue702" wrote:


If it helps at all, babies that are full term really don't move that much as there's not much room in there to move around! If your OB didn't seem concerned about decreased movement then you should be fine (you and baby!).

I agree with this!!! Towards the end Aubree moved MUCH less. They just simply run out of room.

"grovey2" wrote:

i have a male ob and honestly, i LOVE HIM.

This too! My OB was a man and I was so sad that he COULDN'T deliver me. I had a male nurse when I was checked in and until 7 pm. Then it was all women in there. A male doctor delivered DS. My OBGYN in IL for GYNO stuff was a man.. I dunno, it wasn't that 'un-natural' to me. Besides, you're going to have people in and out of there.. so I hate to say it.. you're going to have to get used to the fact there might be a man down yonder. PROMISE YOU THIS: when you're in that 'moment' you're not going to care WHO is down there, you're going to want that baby in your arms Smile And also remember, this is his JOB, he's NOT judging or thinking about the fact he has his hands in another woman's vagina, that's a fact of life, or at least his job! Smile :bigarmhug: