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Everyone has their own little "things" during pregnancy that they believe in or not. One that has been "a topic" for me lately is lifting. I don't get too many comments that bother me in general, but I'm kind of tired of the weak pregnant lady scenario.

I stepped up and helped someone carry a toy across the yard last week (Probably 10lbs, barely anything, just a big blow-up toy) and heard "why is the pregnant lady carrying that?"

At church, I was carrying my daughter for a moment (she is about 43lbs) and someone had to tell me how her sister had ended up with a breach baby because she kept carrying her other kids.

Now, I'm not dumb. If it feels like I'm straining or will strain my muscles, I ask for help, but I really think that women have lifted and worked through pregnancies for thousands of years. For good or bad, my DH doesn't believe in babying me at all either. I've carried many heavy tubs and items up and down stairs at our house, etc. I'm just careful about it. (I worry as much about falling on the stairs than the weight itself.)

Anyway, that was my annoyance for the week. Anyone else tired of "advice" and "comments" of any type?

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I'm with you on this one! I'm careful about lifting heavy stuff but I got up in my attic a few weeks ago & carried down tubs of clothes for my yard sale. My DH about killed me b/c he's very over protected about stuff like that & says I shouldn't be lifting anything like that. I still carry around my 2.5 year old who weighs about 30 lbs so what's the difference in lifting a tub of clothes....LOL

I went grocery shopping the other day (at our commissary on post) and had two baggers tell me they'd unload my cart & by george they unloaded the whole thing then carried my groceries (this is something that's always done) out to the car. I thought to myself as they are unloaded my cart--"while I think it is very thoughtful.....I'm still very capable of doing this"....I'm just very independant & like to do things on my own preggo or not!

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I have only had one similar thing happen to me. I live in a very small town so when I got grocery they insisted on taking them to the car and loading them for me. I have NEVER used this service and was planning on turning it down this time but they wouldn't even hear me - Nice but frustrating.

The advice that bugs me the most is when people judge what I am and am not eatting. That will make me madder than a hornet if someone says I shouldn't be eatting something because it is not good for the babies.

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I think that pregnant women should stop lifting things that make you over strain. I have a friend or two that have had miscarriages, or unnecessary bleeding from lifting things, or doing too much heavy work. Of course you cant stop living your life, but my DH usually carries heavy things for me, he wont let me! Its already hard enough to walk up the stairs with 20-30 extra lbs! lol But I do think the occasional carrying something not too heavy doesnt hurt as long as you are cautious of not straining and dont fall! I've never heard of carrying your kids making your baby breech though... That sounds a little ridiculous.

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I've heard that if you carried your kidlets before than you are totally fine continuing to carry them while pregnant. I haven't gotten any comments on anything.. but that's probably because I am super paranoid and won't even pick up my 20ish pound doggy anymore.

On a totally unrelated note... Alyssa's tracker says, "No Mommy, that's not another baby up your butt, it just me locking into position to be born." WHAT???!!!

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yes!! It astounds me the things (light) that some people won't even let you carry....and then I have to remind them that I have two kiddo's (approx. 25lbs and 35lbs) so not like i'm not used to having to carry anything!

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ITA about people being weird about me moving stuff. I carry my 21.5 lb DD around ALL DAY, hello!! LOL. That being said, my MIL did go into really early labor @ 6.5 months with her 3rd baby (they were able to stop it though!) from lifting so I do try and be reasonable about it.

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I won't anymore because I get so many strong BH when I do even life Heath (he is 25lbs) so if it is anything more then a grocery bag of milk I have someone else do it. Before it was causing me to have BH I did lift whatever I was before prego because I figured I was in shape and could.