Losing the Baby Weight...

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Losing the Baby Weight...

How's it going so far?

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I'm down 30lbs! Yahoo However, that means I still have 15lbs to go until pre-preg weight, and 25 until happy weight. I can't wait for my 6 week checkup and the Dr's ok to work out again!:D

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I'm down 15 or so pounds right now. I still have to lose another 30ish to be at my goal weight, which is something I haven't seen since before I got pregnant with DD2!

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I'm down about 22 lbs so I have about 14 to go to get back to pre-pregnancy weight. All I want right now is to fit in my pants again, but my butt & thighs are double their normal size still!

I couldn't wait until my 6 week appt to get the okay to work-out and started running again yesterday 4 weeks PP. But I ran until I was 35 weeks so I'm pretty sure my OB won't mind Wink

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I'm below pre-preg weight already.

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Not so fab this time around. With Ds, I was BELOW pre-preg weight (by a few pounds) at about 2 weeks PP. This time around, I started with DD 20 pounds LIGHTER than that. So, I'm about 32 pounds down from delivery, BUT still 15 from pre-preg weight. I gained quite a bit more with DD than with DS though, I only gained about 30 with him, and 45ish with DD.. ew.:eek: so naturally it's taking longer.

I'm using weight watchers again so the weight is starting to come off now. I stopped losing that post delivery stuff already a few weeks back and stalled, so I got on weight watchers about 2 weeks ago and I'm doing well with that. I'm hoping to lose this 15 to get to pre-preg weight and then I'll have about 20 or so to lose... depending on how I feel. When I got pregnant with DD I was 20 pounds from my ultimate goal weight but at this point, I don't think my goal number is really the problem as much as the 'extra' skin that will never go away regardless of what the number says, kwim? I guess two kids will do that to you.. I'm jealous off all those girls who have a belly that doesn't reflect their pregnancies, I on the other hand, can't claim such things. No more hip huggers for this girl haha!

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I am down 22 pounds but still have 23 to pre-pregnancy weight and then another 10 to happy weight. I started doing P90X after about 3 1/2 weeks pp. Really enjoying it. I'm also doing a walk/run mix (careful build up since I've had prior stress fractures) of 1-2 miles about 4 times a week.

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I have 13 pounds to go.....im like ashley, all my weight is on my butt and thighs, i cant wait until i can fit into my regular clothes again, which im hoping is soon since its gonna start to get colder soon and i dont have any pants that fit!

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i am down 20 lbs. and have 20 more to go till pre-preg. weight and 30 more until i'm happy. it's crazy, i actually lost weight in my butt! my legs are a little bigger though, i think some of the weight is my boobs, lol.

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by my 2wk check up i had lost all my pregnancy weight and was weighing less then when i got pregnant, HOWEVER....i'm just a body of flabby skin now, so i need to tighten things up here... i can get in my jeans and zip and button them up, but i could not go out in public wearing them since i have major muffin top..lol. I'm stuck in that phase where maternity clothes are too big and don't fit right, yet my reg. clothes are just a tad too small right now.... I'm sucking it up though and going shopping to get some outfits for work, i know they'll be a size bigger,but it's only temp. til i get back in my reg. clothes.

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Last time I weighed myself I was 6 pounds below pre-preg weight! Thank you breastfeeding!