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Monday QOTD

Do you have any Easter plans or special Easter traditions?

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My family rents a ramada at one of our local parks and has a big BBQ for our extended family and an Easter egg hunt for the littles.

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growing up we'd always go to my Grandma's house and we would do an Easter egg cracking contest and a HUGE meal. Now that we're all grown and moved away we really don't. I think this year will be our first year doing something for Jacob-- probably plant some eggs around the house & an Easter basket, but I'm not quite sure yet.

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Ours is still up in the air. It is the last day of our FL trip. WE are going to do it Sat for the kids. But not sure if we plan on being on the road Sunday or not, still trying to find out if Bill's kids are free to stop and see in KY.

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When I was young my family would come from Toronto and stay at my grandparents. We lived down the block, so we spent a couple of days together and on Easter eve we would paint eggs. On Easter day we would and have an Easter Egg hunt inside the house and my grandmother would make Easter dinner. All the kids are grown up now, so we don't do much. I am unsure if my Grandmother is making a dinner this year, probably...

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DH's family has a tradition of going to the lake for Easter so that is what we usually do. In a few more years, we'll probably start hiding eggs on the beach like they did when they were little.

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We are having dinner with my family, because Easter this year is also my brother's birthday. DD will get an easter basket with some small toys and a very little bit of chocolate. We don't really have any traditions, but that could change!:D

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we go Saturday to the Polish mass and have our baskets and food blessed. Then Sunday my parents have Easter at their house.... my IL's usually go out to eat for brunch, so we stop in and say hi, then head over to my parents. I think we're going to start to change it up a bit, i'm thinking maybe every Good Friday, go to mass and then go to Red Lobster or something with my IL's....

This year, is the 1st year since i can remember that i won't be able to go get the baskets blessed cuz my in laws are having their shower for me that day..... but i'm excitied that next year i get to begin the basket blessing tradition with my lil' girl. Smile

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We always have an Easter egg hunt for the LO's. We will miss out on the BIG easter egg hunt this year that post (we're military) has as we'll be outta town on that weekend. Other than making sure the kids get their easter baskets that's about it for us.

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I always help host an Easter egg hunt the weekend prior to Easter for our Mom's group. On Easter morning, we will have a hunt in the house for Andrea, then we will go to church and there will be another hunt there after services.

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Every year, I got the same brown bunny in my Easter basket... even now, that brown bunny shows up on Easter morning and then disappears later. (Now it doesn't disappear quite so mysteriously as it used to...I mail it back to my mom so she can make sure the Easter Bunny gets it to me).
DH and I usually have a few people over for brunch, color eggs & fill Easter baskets.