My Uneventful 37 week appt.

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My Uneventful 37 week appt.

Well this appt. was uneventful which I reckon is a good thing Smile Blood pressure was good! Ava Kennedy's heart rate is 153 bpm. He didn't check me & I didn't ask him to as my hubby wasn't able to come so I didn't have anyone to watch my boys while I got checked. I did ask him about the Group B Strep & yes I do have it but he reassured me that I have nothing to worry about--will just get antibiotics when I go into labor. He's going to strip my membranes at next weeks appt. Praying that gets things started as my parents are coming in on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning & my appt. is Wed. morning!!! **fingers crossed**

Anyways---that is my uneventful appt. LOL

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Well to me 37wks is still a lil early (JMO) seeing that she would only be 36wks.
I had a 37weeker and It was way different then my 38 & 39 wk'ers
But all babies are different ... i just know the experience I had when my son and would not want to have another child come that early unless there was nothing they could do about it.

But I hope something happen by your next appt.

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Glad everything is looking good. Hopefully stripping your membranes will get things rolling next week! Biggrin

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Fingers crossed for you!! I'm glad though that your appointment was "boring"! Home stretch now Smile

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I am glad you had a boring appt Smile

and I hope things get rolling for you next week.

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Glad you had a good appt.