Newborn never cries?

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Newborn never cries?

Ok, so I've done this three times before, but at least the last two were fussy, even as newborns (I think). My newest little guy is just so content, all the time and it's making me worry! He's 5 days, and he only cries (more like complains) if I don't get to him quickly enough when he starts grunting when he's hungry. He doesn't care if I put him down (I had to hold the others constantly)..... Is this normal? He nurses at least every 3 hours and his weight is about what it was when we left the hospital.

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That's how my little one is.

She only cries if I don't get to her fast enough when she wants to feed. Sometimes she cries because she just wants to suck on my nipple. Besides that she is not a big crier. I think we are lucky to have good babies Smile

As a warning, she did start crying during the night for no reason at two weeks. She wanted to breastfeed constantly and would scream hysterically if I put her down for a second. It lasted about 5 days.... We stopped putting her in the cosleeper we bought. I also started to lie down when I breastfeed her before bed. She falls asleep and is out. She sleeps through the night now.

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Wow!!! Must say I'm envious.

As long as weight is good and baby seems alert when she is awake, I'd say you are doing great.

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My DS is very much like this, although he does voice complaints a little more in the last few days (since maybe 2.5 weeks). He is still a super mellow baby & I LOVE it Yahoo My DD was NEVER this content ever. EVER. Even still. LOL

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Simon was like that at first but at 3 weeks he got fussy with gas when the 3 week growth spirt was hard on him. He screams in the car if he can't see me, and will only let me sit him in the swing for 5 may 10 min at a time. He dose sleep all night in his bed once he is out I can lay him down and get 6 hours out of him,but durring the day he loves his Mama's lap and cluster feeds all day.

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O,livia is like this too.... cries when hungry or wants to be held....consider yourself lucky.