Is that NORMAL? - Questions of a paranoid mom 2b of twins

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Is that NORMAL? - Questions of a paranoid mom 2b of twins

Hi everyone, I'm new here. I have been frantically googling all weekend trying to find some answers but it seems the internet isnt always a reliable source of information... go figure! lol
So... I'm 24 weeks (today) pregnant with B/G twins. Everything had been going swimmingly until about 2 weeks ago when I started getting some menstrual cramping. At least for me its what I associate with mestrual pain (cramping in lower back) however when I google everyone else seems to call cramping in the lower abdomen menstrual cramps so what the heck am I just broken?? So I'm just trying to figure out if this is normal. I saw my doctor on Monday hey did the usual 2 every 2 wk u/s and everyone looked good. The u/s my cervix and said it was long and to quote the u/s tech "beautiful" so I meantioned these cramps as well as pelvic pressure to my doctor, I'm also having alot of swelling in my hands and feet, not quite elephant man status but.. substantial enough that it tingles. My OB didnt seem to act as if it was a real issue however a few minutes later he says Have you meantioned the possibility of bedrest with your work yet? I work at a desk all day nothing streneous so I really had never even thought much of the possibility but he says by 28 weeks 50% of twin moms are on bedrest. So ok after that ramble here's my questions. Does anyone else have the cramping? Is the pelvic pressure just baby A pushing her head into my cervix or could this be my cervix starting to dilate? Maybe I should make a new post lol because I have a million questions... yesterday also i got intense "needling" pains in my lady parts lasted for about 5 minutes felt like needled poking me from the inside out. Has anyone ever had any of these issues?? I dont remember having any of these things with my DS, course that was 9 years ago and the mind/body does have a way of forgetting. Anyone have these things going on? Not sure if I should worry and call the doctor or just assume it's normal since i'm not having any real pain.

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I am right there with you. I am about two weeks behind you with boy/boy twins.

I can tell you I am having A LOT more cramping/pressure/uncomfortable feelings in my lower abdomen and back than with DD. This pregnancy is a lot different than with DD. You can PM me and we can discuss anytime. It just seems twin pregnancy is way different than a normal singleton (atleast in my opinion).

I have been reading tons and tons of books to educate myself on the matter (I just feel better being educated). They say the extra pressure, cramping, etc is normal just as long as you are not getting contractions are regular intervals. They also say cervix length is the best indicator they have on whether you are at risk of premature labor/delivery with twins. So the fact that the dr said that looks good is great!

I was surprised by the bedrest/being off work reality too. My dr asks me every visit if I am ready to cut back yet. Cutting back at work wasn't in my plans at all. With DD I worked until the day she was born.

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I can only tell you about my own experience which is going to be somewhat different because I am not carrying twins. First the tingling...I have this occasionally all down the front of my leg. When I talked to my doctor, she said it was the baby pushing on certain nerves. I'm guessing that this may be what is causing the tingling. As for the pressure...I have a complicated history and they think an incompetent cervix. Because of this, I have a cerclage. I have lots of pressure, especially when I sit certain ways or stand for a while. I also have cramps and contractions almost every day. However, they have not changed my cervix (yet) so the doctors are not overly concerned about them. I think that because of my being high risk, I am paying a lot closer attention to every ache and pain. My doctor recommended a maternity support belt/band. This has helped some with the pressure. You may want to ask your doctor if this could help you.

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Thanks for the reply- it's nice to know I'm not the only one going through this. I dont know anyone (other than a few friends of friends I've spoken to very briefly) that have twins so it's ALL new to me. I'm not sure how to PM as I just started using this today, but I will try and figure it out, would be nice to have a pregnancy "buddy" to compare notes, and enjoy the journey with.
And wow please overlook my horrible spelling and grammar in that first post, thats what I get for trying to type when I'm excited and not proofreading.

Congrats on your boys by the way! Smile

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i think b/c you are carrying two, you are experiencing early what we all carrying one will be experiencing around 30+ weeks. i def. would stay off your feet, if you are tired, rest. if you back hurts, rest and put a heating pad on low on it. sounds like normal pregnancy aches and pains brought on earlier b/c of twins. Smile

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Sounds like your haing braxton hicks contractions and maybe some nerve pain in your back, I have all of that too and it is normal.

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I can't relate to the twins although I do have twin nieces. I can relate to working at a desk though. Working at a desk makes my swelling worse. I noticed it with my first pregnancy and notice it even more now (I have a foot problem so even a little swelling causes actual pain making it more obvious). My worst swelling days are the days that I work. My MW told me last pregnancy that getting up and walking often is really important. Also, if you can prop your feet up under your desk, it really does help some.

Oh, and I know doctors really press for bedrest early with twins, but it may not be necessary. I've seen many women pregnant with twins who were just fine without any bedrest. As long as your cervix is still looking "beautiful" and you are not contracting and the swelling can be controlled, etc, I'd say not to let them push you into bedrest too early. Of course, if anything feels wrong, definately have it checked and take it easy.

Big hugs! I can only imagine being pregnant with twins. Singletons are uncomfortable enough!