Numb fingers?

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Numb fingers?

My newest development is numb finger tips. It's mostly in my left hand (I'm right handed) in the last 3 fingers (middle, right, and pinky) but I can feel it in both hands. I took off my rings, but I can see my hands aren't swollen. My rings didn't leave a mark at all and aren't difficult to remove or put on. Google has told me my tingly fingers could be anything with carpal tunnel to pre-e to just something else that happens during pregnancy.

I've noticed it the past few nights, but it is definitely more pronounced tonight. Carpal tunnel would fit because I work on a computer all day, but that would really suck. I have a dr appointment next Tuesday so unless it gets worse I'm just going to wait until then to talk to them about it. I'm hoping that the weekend will help.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

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One of my best friends had numb fingers (and toes I think) from the end of her second trimester until after she had herb baby. She never got pre-e but retained a TON of water (which may or may not have had anything to do with the problem). Anyway, her dr suggested pregnancy-induced carpal tunnel but said it would likely go away after she gave birth & sure enough it did. Sorry you are dealing with it though, sounds annoying!

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Increased carpal tunnel symptoms is extremely common during pregnancy. I would guess that is exactly what it is.

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I get the same thing along with swollen feet, at the end of the day - I am figuring it is either the water retention (cause my hands feel/look swollen too) or carpel tunnel (but one hand hurts more then the other - the other just feels numbish - but it's not just my fingertips)
I fully expect it to go away after baby!

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I had that a lot when my BP was low durring the first-tri. Now that my BP is up in the normal range I only get it at night when I slept funny on my arms. It can be BP related but not always mean high.

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Sounds like something pregnancy induced.

I sure hope it goes away for you after your baby is born.

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I was lurking on this BB and noticed your post. It could have been ME writing this thread! I was experiencing the same exact thing toward the end of my pregnancy (except in my right hand) and unfortunately, mine only got worse. I was seeing a chiropractor every other week during my 3rd trimester. I mentioned the problem to her and she said pregnancy CAN induce carpel tunnel. It does get better after delivery. The numbness was completely gone in my hand by about 6 weeks postpartum. Hang in there!

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Thanks! I talked to my Dr and she recommended me adjusting the wrist thing at work and sleeping a little differently. Luckily, it's gone away for the moment. I expect it will come back, but the less time I have to deal with it the better.