Olivia's birthstory

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Olivia's birthstory

On Thursday, July 14th, i went in for my weekly NST/biophysical at 38wks Baby continued to measure closer to 40wks, and was estimated to be around 8.5 lbs. My fluid was on the lower side and the Dr was not liking how my feet continued to swell and was now going into my calves, although my BP was fine. So, it was induction time.

We were orginially schudled for Friday morning, but late Thrs we got a call saying the hosptial was too busy and short staffed.... we did a NST at the Dr office to make sure baby was not stressed and she was doing fine. I was 4cm dialated and i think 70% effaced.... Saturday morning it was.

We arrived at 530am, got checked in and changed, ready to go. They did not start the meds at this time because they were not sure if they would have the staff available (the nurse was calling nurses in) Then Gretchen, my midwife came in around 725am and broke my water. For having low fluid, i sure felt a lot come out. It was warm and did not hurt at all. I started to have stronger contractions- although nothing too intense. I think they were like 6 mins apart. They gave me about an hour to contract on my own and then started the pitcoicin, they were worried i could labor like this all day, so i said 'cool-let's get this show on the road, i wanna meet my daughter.' Pit contractions were a little stronger and def. more consistant and closer together. After about 1 hour, i asked to be checked cuz i wanted to get the epidural, but didn't want to get it tooo early. I was at a 5/5.5, so i got the epi. It did not hurt and was not NEARLY as horrible as i thought it was going to be. Unfort, after about 30-45mins i started to get intense pain on my right side - in my hip bone and lower gut area.....the epi was not working correctly. They tried giving me more and changing my positions, but it didn't help - i had to get another epidural. The second time around, i was at 7cm and in A LOT of pain....when it would radiate in my hip bone. Apparently, it was Olivia trying to move through the pelvis...
2nd Epi worked wonders and it was time to get some sleep --hahahahaha.
No later then like 30 mins did i have the urge to push.... we called the nurse and i was at 9.5cm and i had just a teeny tiny piece of cervix that had to get around the lip of her forhead....they told me to go ahead and give into the urge to push. I did that for awhile and then i was checked one more time and it was time to push for real.

I was exhausted - we had been up since 4am, with no sleep during the day and now it was time - I think it was about 415pm at this point.... I began pushing and i was soooo tired and just wanted her out. Gretchen got a mirror so i could see the pushes that were working and the ones that weren't.....this helped big time and i was pushing far more efficantly when i could see her head coming closer and closer. I felt A LOT of pressure and that 'ring of fire'. I knew once i got through that 'ring of fire' that her head would be out - so i pushed and i kept going. My DH was a rockstar helping and encouraging me. Gretchen was also a HUGE help and at 540pm, my sweet little angel was born. I had my eyes closed at that last push and Gretchen went 'julie, julie, look, grab your daughter' and i reached down and there she was...

She was VERY purple and was not breathing. I remember saying 'make her cry, why isn't she breathing, make her cry, make her breathe' While the nurse was rubbing her to get her to breathe, she make two little squeek noises and i felt sooo much better. I kept saying 'OMG, i can't believe she's here, i can't believe she's here.'

I told DH to stay with Olivia, since they put her on some O2, they stichted me up,
a light 2nd degree tear, and started to work on my placenta. I could hear and see Olivia breathing and crying so i just watched her. My DH had a very worried look on his face as the Dr's and nurses tried getting my placenta to come.....i just remember seeing a bunch of people and talk of surgery and my DH wanted to come to my side but people were running around and i just told him, stay with the baby. My placenta was NOT coming and it was either try manually or surgery. I remember asking, 'am i going to be okay?' The Dr came in and manually tried to get the placenta and while he was elbow deep, i felt EVERYTHING in my stomach....it HURT SOOOOOOOOO much. I lost A LOT of blood (which is what DH was seeing) They did get the placenta and they had to wait at least 2 hours before they would clear me, incase i had to have surgery. Thankfully, i did not.

I finally got some skin to skin with Olivia and she ended up turning purple -so they took her away to get oygen and hooked her to a moniter to check her blood levels. She pinked up and hasn't had any issues since then, in regards to her turning purple.

How she's doing now - she did have some symptoms from my gestational diabetes, and her sugars are very low. I have had to supplement with formula to get her levels to increase and currently, she has had several draws that have been in the 50's and 60's (where we want them) On Sunday she was in the 30's and 40s' and was placed in the nursery care and hooked up to IV's around 3am. She currently is also fighting jaundice and her billiruban just increased again....she's been under the lights for 3 days now. I'm not sure when she'll be released, but i tell ya -- leaving her at the hosptial has been SO VERY HARD..... Luckily my milk seems to be increasing now and i'm able to give the nurses that to give to her. I do nurse her with the SNS tube (she nurses on my breast, and has a tube connected to the formula, so she gets both at the same time) and i enjoy the skin to skin time i have with her.

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Julie, so sad you had to go home w/o her. Glad everyone is good though. TFS

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Sad sorry you havent been able to take her home, that must be so hard. Hopefully you get to take her home soon!

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:bigarmhug: sorry you had to leave without her!! Hopefully she will be ready to go home with you soon.

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Wow! What a story! So glad you are okay and that Olivia is getting the extra help she needs right now. Hope she can come home soon.

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Great story. Your epi problems are really similar to the ones I had with my first labor where you radiate pain from one spot and it is horrible! Glad they got it fixed though Smile That is dang scary about your placenta but yay that you didn't need surgery. Sorry Olivia is having a rough start Sad but glad to hear that you are getting skin-to-skin and are able to get her your milk on top of the supplemented formula. KUP on her progress!

Also - added this to your baby space!

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* Lurker *

Oh Jules, I'm so sorry to hear you had to go home without Olivia. How heart breaking. My mom had to leave me at the hospital because I was jaundice and she said it's one of the hardest things she's had to do.

I'm glad, however, that Olivia is here and that you both seem to be on the mend. Great big hugs.

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I'm so sorry you had to go home without your angel. What a great birth story, though! Congrats on your precious princess!

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Great birth story! Sorry you wasn't able to take your baby girl home with you! Congrats Smile