Organization- everything in the baby room?

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Organization- everything in the baby room?

I plan on getting Roman's laundry done and organized this weekend. It is driving me crazy to have all the clothes and sheets and burp clothes and such all just piled up. I want it all put away and organized. Do you keep everything in the baby room? I plan on keeping his extra sheets/towels and washclothes in the linen closet.. I think.... I am unsure about the other stuff though. Do you keep your child's bibs, receiving blankets, blankets, burp clothes and such in their room or in a closet somewhere else? Do you think it's a good idea to have towels/washclothes and sheets in the linen closet. I am inherently bad at organizing so I work very hard to find a place for something to go and stick to it so I stay organized.

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I had a place for everything before DS was born.. I couldn't tell you half those places now haha! I keep/kept baby towels and washcloths in the bathroom, where our adult ones are. Bibs were kept in his room UNTIL he used them, then they were downstairs in the kitchen, since that's where we used them-- I just hooked them to the side of the highchair so they were always there. Burp rags and what not would end up all over, a few in the room, a few in the living room, a couple in the diaper bag.. b/c that's where they would get used. All the blankets were usually in his room, but there was usually one or two in the living room to lay them on the floor when he wanted to play or whatever. If you're looking for KEY organization, I would get a basket or something (decorative) and put a few of the essentials for it in your living room or where ever baby will spend time. I keep most of the stuff in the baby room that way my living room isn't covered with blankets and rags. Smile JMO.

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I say, keep them close to where you are going to use them. I keep extra sheets beneath the crib. I keep towels in the bathroom or where you find handy. Burp clothes will be used in the family area a lot, but I did keep them in the baby's room for storage.

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I kept newborn diapers in my bedroom and a diaper pail for easy night time changing with out having to get out of bed.

I keep cloths in the babies room.

Extra blankets and stuff in the dresser.

Towels and such in the dresser too and had Daddy bring me one as needed as I only give my kids a bath once a week.

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We have always lived in a two story home. I had a changing table in the baby's room and then I had this really nice desk type piece of furniture that I put a changing table pad on top of downstairs. I stored all kinds of things (blankets, burp cloths, diapers, bibs, etc) in it so that everything was in one place downstairs.

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I for now, have extra sheets in a dresser drawer in her room, but i just got an under the crib organizer (really, it's an under the bed, but whatever) and it's just a canvas zipped up organizer you can get at like walmart for a few bucks and i will move the sheets and blankets in that and then put it under her crib.

I put her towels and wash cloths/bath things in our hall linen closet -- cuz that's the one near the bathroom we'll be using for her. I cleared out a shelf for her things.

I have a changing pad on her dresser, so a drawer has diapers and wipes, lotions, etc. One has her socks and another with bibs - but i'll be moving those downstairs, i think. I'm not really sure if she'll need cloth bibs...maybe when she's drooling a lot?

I also have a half shelf for now in our pantry for her stuff and then i have a shelf in a cabnit that has bottles, nuks, etc....

I also have a 2 story house and have a changing caddy that will stay downstairs, so we're not always having to climb the stairs to change her. I also registered for 2 boppys so once stays upstairs and one will be downstairs and then we'll have one for traveling so if we forget it somewhere, no worries, cuz we'll have our other one.

As for burp rags and reciving blankets, i have them in a bin in the closet for now, but i'm told to have them all over.... so we'll have some in the changing caddy downstairs, some in our room, babies room, etc. I agree with Pamela, get some bins and then fill them with baby things. We're getting an ottoman that will be a storing one, and we'll keep blankets, toys, etc in that in our main living space.

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I think placement is just personal preference and whatever is easiest for you.

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We have a two story house and spend most of our time downstairs, so I setup a a baby area downstairs with diapers, wipes, a couple clothes, blankets, burp clothes, butt cream, etc... and keep the rest upstairs in his room (or in this case, his alcove in our room).

Towels and washclothes I keep upstairs in the bathroom linen closet since that's where we use them.

Extra sheets and mattress pads I store under the crib.

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I keep his (few that he has) milk/drool bibs in the top drawer of his dresser. We never use them much so I may grab a cute one (a friend bought me some boutiquey ones) to throw with a plain outfit here and there. I keep the receiving blankets ready at hand on top of his cloth diaper organizer, along with his (few) nice baby blankets. Burp clothes are also in the diaper organizer b/c we don't have many-- I also have a few of those in the diaper bag. As they get older, after potty training, I move their linens to our linen closet but until then, I keep them on a shelf in their closet b/c you will be chaning sheets A LOT! We use regular 'old towels for baby, though a friend did get him some hooded ones and they are currently still under the kid's bathroom sink, along with his lil baby wash cloths. But, to be honest, I co-bathe and my hand works just as well as an infant wash cloth so that's what I have done with all my babies-- nobody's said they are dirty or smelly either, hehe. Smile
I don't use a changing table so I struggle with diaper changing organization. I have my main cloth diaper organizer which is holding all his cloth diapers, his over-night cloth diapers are in with the diaper liners, and my cloth wipes. There's also another lil bin for small baby toys. For out in the living room, I bought one of those caddys to hold 6 or so diapers and all the creams, etc. I'll need and I'll put our cloth wipes in a wipes warmer right beside the caddy-- I just have to be sure to use all the wipes in a day b/c they can become mildewy. BUT, I don't have to worry about the cloth for a while until he fits in them, so I'm doing the same with sposies and regular wipes-- which I'm not fully dedicated to cloth wipes yet, we may end up just using regular wipes.