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Okay, so have any of you had your first period? I thought I did but now not so sure. I stop bleeding around my 6 week PP. So around the end of August when I bled (HEAVY) again for 5-6 days I was sure it was my first period but here it is mid-October & NO period so I'm over 3 weeks late :eek: When I went to doctor about 2 weeks ago to have blood work done...I asked then & they did a pregnancy test just to be sure & it came back negative (thank goodness) but here I am still with no period...wondering if it's possible to be pregnant!!! Every time DH & I have DTD we've used protection but even condoms are 100%. Anyone else dealing with crazy periods?

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Oh, yeah. I had my first 6 weeks PP, despite exclusive BFing. Then I had another, then got an iud & the dam has broken. I started my period about 10 days ago & it's still going. Ugh!!

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I am not breastfeeding and still don't have a period. I am wondering if I will ever get one - I rarely had one before I got prego (I had to use medicine to have them and another medicine to ovulate). They told me I would have more bleeding since I had a tubal but so far - nothing.

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Not yet. We're exclusively BFing, which I did with DD3 and went 18 months before having my first period. Then I got pregnant with Leo, oops. So aside from PP bleeding, I've had one period in over 3 years. :eek:

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I have not had AF return and I am exclusively BFing. Can't really say I'm upset about that either! And now that i've said that, she will show up this weekend during my sisters wedding!:ROFL:

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Mine has always started at 2 months postpartum even when breastfeeding. We are at 3 1/2 months and nothing for sure yet. Though at 3 months I spotted a teeny...and last week I had the most horrible cramping (kept me down all day) I'm guessing it's on its way.

(Probably TMI) I'm dreading it since with my last one I bled so heavy that I filled up a super tampon in less than an hour and thus had to wear a pad too...that went on for 5 days straight. (And till I stopped nursing)

I do think hormones are almost as crazy now as during parts of pregnancy (getting all readjusted) and so our cycles can be a bit messed up. Good luck!

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Y'all...I'm STILL bleeding. I guess this is normal with an iud, at least in the beginning. It SUCKS, though!
Rachel...I'm jealous!!
Michele, now girl, why you gonna go & jinx yourself like that? Hahahahaha!!!
Lydia, that's not really tmi! Mine's been like that, too, since Gracie's been born. Odd as I've always heard periods get lighter after each baby. No fair.

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Yeah, I got my first PPP only 5 1/2 weeks after having my baby ugh :rolleyes:
So I got mine August 7th,
Then I got my next one Sept 7th (kinda perfect huh)
Then now it's Oct 13th and I still havent had my next one so I'm just waiting...
They are pretty wacky after babies!

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After my first I had no bleeding until he was 8 months and then I had a cycle every other month (breastfeeding) until he was 13 months and I got prego.
After 2nd I was breastfeeding both of them and had no bleeding until 18 months and the next month got prego with Heath.
After the 3rd I had PP bleeding that lasted 12 weeks ( was breastfeeding 2, and had IUD put in at 6 weeks) and then spotted for 19 months non stop until I had the IUD taken out, that did not stop it I endded up needing a DNC and they found a toumor on my flopiantub that had to be removed. 6 weeks after surgery I had a normal cycle for the first time in June of 2010 and then in Oct we got prego with Simon.

Since Simon I have been bleeding. I bleed lightly for 8 weeks then it stopped for 3 days we had sex and it started back up. At 3 months it stopped and I had sex once and it started back up for a week. I have been blood free for the last 3 days Smile I hope it stays away and won't come back when we try and have sex this weekend. OB was like has your cycle come back and I am like I have no clue my bleeding only stops for 3-4 days at a time and then I'll bleed for a few weeks!!!

We are not using BC and Bill asked if I was prgo and I was like if I was I'm not anymore that is how heavy and cramping I get when I am bleeding after we had sex and it last so long.