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Phone apps

I have been playing with a few for the prego.
Fertility friend
A few for baby names
A few for timming contractions, I like Daddy511 and Doula Droid timer.

Anyone find prego apps?

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I have a whole screen dedicated to pregnancy apps. I use an android phone and there are sooo many to choose from. Even though I have the book my very favorite is the "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" app. It gives you daily tips, it has a tracker page with estimated weight, height, fruit size, days and weeks left etc ... and every week there is a new update for mom and baby. I swear I will mention something to my husband that's new and the very next day it will be in my daily tip! LOVE it! Thank you for the timing app tips... I need to download and test a few. I will try those two first.
Oh.. and My Days is great for tracking if you are not pregnant. It tracks your period, how long... every time you have sex, when your estimated ovulation and fertile days are etc.