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Quick Check in

Hi Ladies! It has been forever since I posted so I thought I would hop on real quick and let you know I am still out there! I have been reading all of your stories and posts from my phone since I can do that while breastfeeding, it's just hard to respond on my phone.

I am in love with my little Roman and will find some time as soon as I can to recount his birth story and post pics. In the mean time I have a lot of pics I have sent from my phone to Facebook. Thank you for all of the kind comments I have gotten from you on there.

I have to admit I am a little overwhelmed. I am exhausted, but every moment is worth it. This little man eats a LOT. I cannot wait until we can pump and use a bottle so I can get a few hours in a row of sleep!

Anyway... Roman is doing well. He had a rough birth .. (9 lbs 2 ounces and sunny side up... mommy had to get cut and a vacuum used due to stress and lowering heartrate during pushing) The first few nights were super difficult because his nose got kind of smushed and was swollen inside making it hard to breath. I held him all night the first two nights home. It has now almost completely straightened out and saline mist has been our best friend.
Roman's daddy has been awesome, he is completely taken with his little man and I have to admit is better at this than I am (he is not scared of anything).

Anyway... as I get more accustomed to this whole mommy thing I will be on more... I definitely have questions! Congrats on all your beautiful bundles!

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So g;ad all is gpoing well!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Congrats. My little Ava had to be suctioned too because her heart rate was lowering. I don't think they had to really cut much though because right before I gave a good push and she was on the verge of coming.

I know what you mean about pumping too! Ava would suck on breast all night if she could. I think she does it for comfort. Maybe, try a pacifier? I was totally against it, but after getting less that one hour of sleep things changed! I only give it to her when she is crying in the middle of the night and she never wants it during the day.

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So glad to hear from you! Newborns are definitely a ton of work but boy are they worth it Smile Looking forward to hearing the whole birth story soon and especially to see pics!!

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Im glad things are going good for you and Roman, sounds like you and him are adjusting well!! Im glad to hear you are ok i was beginning to wonder since we hadnt heard from you!
He is such a little cutie!