Recommendations for baby carrier and tub

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Recommendations for baby carrier and tub

I saw a tub at babies r us that had a sprayer and everything, very deluxe looking.. I believe it was 59.99. I can't seem to find it online though.... is this a silly waste? I have no idea what you really want in a baby tub! Also, what kind of carrier do I want to keep the little guy attached to me, and why do I want that one?

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I just have a plain old boring tub that we got for dd. It worked fine, we bathed her in the sink quite often and I never felt like we needed anything more complicated.
My favorite carrier was a wrap, like the moby. It was the most comfortable for me, and I learned how to get it on and off really fast. Some people find it a hassle to tie and get the baby in and out though. We also have a bjorn carrier that DH liked to wear dd in. I didn't find it as comfortable as the wrap, and newborns shouldn't have their legs dangling. I have a few friends that swear by the babyhawk too. Carriers are kind of a personal thing, if you have a friend with a little baby, see if you can borrow them to try some out!

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I like buckle carriers. They feel very secure and aren't that difficult for me to use. The 2 that I have are safe for the baby's legs/hips. They don't dangle like in a Bjorn.

I have an "Action Baby Carrier" and an "Ergo" baby carrier. I love them both. I've done back carries with both, and side carries with the Ergo (in addition to front carries).

However, a wrap (like a "Moby Wrap"), a ring sling, or pouch carrier (like a "Seven Slings") may work better when the baby is a newborn and really tiny.

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I got one of those tubs with the sprayer for a shower gift with DS - we rarely used the shower part - so I would say it is not worth the $$

We bought this one for DD (but sadly never got to use it) - and will use it this time:

I liked that it had the grooves in it to keep baby up, and the padding right on the tub (the other one we used a angled sling type thing and he was always sliding down.

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I don't really see a need for a fancy tub (and I am the type of person who is more apt to buy high quality versus cheap). This is one of the things that is very basic. The most important criteria for me in a bath tub was - it fit in the kitchen sink, it had a drain plug at the bottom, and it had a netting newborns could lay on. When DD got big enough we just sat her in the sink, then transitioned her to the bathtub when she outgrew the sink. Being able to wash a baby at counter height is ideal (no bending for mom - baby is right there were you are comfortable).

As far as slings go. I bought two different types and didn't use either of them. They were just too uncomfortable for me and DD. Carriers are definitely a personal choice type thing and what kind fits you the best.

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This is the one I've used with all my kids:

I put an inch or two of water in it and fill the little area on the bottom tray--so that as the water in the tub get soapy I still have a clean reservoir to rinse the baby off with. (I use washcloths to squeeze the water over them.

The foam part is soft enough but not too much.
My favorite is that the two ends fold up so it is easy to store.

I couldn't find a picture fast of the other thing I have used on occasion but it is basically a big piece of foam that is shaped to the baby. You just lay it in the bottom of the tub. Easy to ring out after....

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Ok this is what I use for the first 2 weeks when they only can have wash cloth baths.
We put a towel under it and baby on the sponge and wash them on the table.

I take a bath with the baby as a NB and always just had my DH take them from me to dry off and get the baby dressed while I got out. But this time since Bill can't live with us and I still want to take showers and bath with the baby (I love nursing in the tub) I want to get this to lay the baby in while I wash myself or when I am getting out. It says it also fits in a kitchen sink.

I have owned 2 tubs in the past and my kids hated them so it was just one more big thing to find a home for until we could sell it at a yard sale.

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We have a joe average tub for her that was DS's and we will use it again, he only used it until he could sit up really well then he just sat in the big tub (on a non-slip mat).. now he runs around in the tub (NOT encouraged! haha)

As far as carriers: I had a moby type wrap and hated it. I have a seven slings now that I've only used for DS when he was side carrying so we'll see how I like it with a NB. I also have a structured carrier that I got from my parents, not sure where they got it, something similar to a baby bijorn just not as fancy.

My suggestion is this: don't get your head set on something. I was DEAD SET on having a wrap and wearing him around the house and learning to nurse while he was in the wrap, let me tell you how quickly that wrap got sent to a friend when I decided I hated it. I was VERY disappointed (yet others talk about how they can not live w/o their wraps, it's totally personal thing.)

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We have a little tub that is shaped like a whale. It doesn't "do" anything, but it has worked great. It has an infant support bump in it that is removeable when baby starts to sit up which was nice. I wish I had one with a little shower head though because it would make hair washing so much easier! But definitely NOT a necessity.

Another thing I didn't have last time but will get this time is one of those "giant sponges" that you lay your newborn on for baths (instead of the tub). Newborns are so hard to handle in those little tubs so I think I'll use one of those for the first couple of months.

Carriers are tough to recommend because they are really personal preference for you AND the baby. My DD hated Moby wraps & loved the "sling" style ones. I have a baby hawk that I made that she liked a lot too & then an infantino front-2-back carrier that I used a lot last summer hiking but couldn't use until she was close to 6 months because she was so small. I'd suggest waiting until the baby is born, the going to BRU where they have a ton out to try out and see what feels best.

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We had a tub for DD but found that the sink was just easier - less bending over, etc. We are not going to get one at all this time.

As for carriers, I have a few different ones. I love a wrap (like Moby or off-brand) for when they are really little. They are just so much cozier and supported. Unfortunately, they grow out of them pretty quickly, but I still think it is worth it. For later, it will depend on what you will be using it for. If you will be doing more sport-type walking (log trecks or hiking), I love the Bjorn and used mine a lot. Otherwise a soft carrier like Ergo is great for everyday things like the store and park.

I agree with others that it can be really hard to recomend because everyone and every baby is so different, so if you buy any keep the packaging and receipt and return if you end up hating it.

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Oh I also had this I used it in the shower and pool all the time LOVE IT!!!