saw a picture of myself......

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saw a picture of myself......

and im huge!!!! My mom took some pictures today and i just about cried Sad My arms are fat, my face is fat, my feet are fat, my fingers are fat and my thighs are actually rubbing together!!! everything on me looks gianormous Sad Ugh i cant wait to wear my skinny clothes again and not have kankles!
and on a side note, the baby has decided to put his foot back into my ribs so every time i get up i get a horrible pain in my rib.....just wanted to whine a it 40 weeks yet?

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I know that feeling. Mostly it is just hard to get up and then when I do BAM I have to pee.
Funny too how every day is so diff, this time last night I was timing contractions that where every 24min from 8pm-midnight an then I went to bed and woke up with nothing.

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I think this is the hardest month. We are all getting so uncomfortable and the days seem to turn into weeks. I wish we were all a lot closer to 40 weeks!

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:bigarmhug: I'm sure you don't look as bad as you think!! And you are probably starting to retain some water so it will go away really fast once you get that baby out!!
That said, I think the 'cute-pregnant' stage is pretty much over for us. I am starting to swell up a bit too. Fortunately, the puffiness in my legs means you can't see my cellulite anymore!!
Hang in there, we're almost done!!

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yep, i envy the few women who still look good in the last month!

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FWIW, that weight will fall off!! I lost about 20 pounds in the first few weeks (not trying, just between having him and the water and everything else). :bigarmhug: I hear ya though, I can't even stand to put clothes on anymore Sad

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Hugs!! This last month is hard-but will soon be over!! Hang in there.

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Hang in there--not to much longer!

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I am sure it is not as bad as you think Wink

I can relate though. I can't stand mirrors right now. I avoid them and pictures. I am not one of those lucky ones who look good in the 3rd trimester.

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ITA with Rebecca - the cute preggo stage is gone! LOL. I still cringe when I see pictures from my last month with my first pregnancy & don't even get me started on hospital pictures, yikes! DH took a few shots/video while I was being induced & I look HORRIBLE. I retained a ton of water towards the end (like gallons I swear) so it was crazy...BUT the best part is that you feel so skinny right after having the baby for a few weeks Wink

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OMG, hospital pictures...noooooooooooooo! I'm sorry, Jenn! I'm right there with you as well. Luckily my ankle swelling has been very minor this go around (thus far), but I'm swollen everywhere else! The thighs-rubbing-together issue is freaking me out, too. I was just saying yesterday to DBF that I lost about 15lbs the day I gave birth to DD, so here's hoping, lol!! And just for the record, I'm sure you look just like beautiful you (except with a little more to love *wink*)! That's what I've been telling myself, anyway--BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!