scar tissue dilemma

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scar tissue dilemma

I had my appointment yesterday afternoon. I am 38 weeks and some days. My blood pressure was still good (90/60 and 98/62). Baby's heart rate was in the 140's. She checked me and I am still only 1 cm and now 75% effaced. She said that the baby's head is extremely low, but she did not tell me what station or anything like that. She said that there is definitely scar tissue from where the cerclage was. It seems that the scar tissue is holding my cervix closed just like the cerclage. She said that they will probably have to break up the scar tissue for me to dilate. So now I have a major dilemma. She said that it is very painful to have the scar tissue broken up and they recommend an epidural. I have never had an epidural and did not want one with this delivery. I had a spinal once and it took almost 10 hours to wear off. I really did't want an epidural, but all of the induction stories also scare me. I am being induced on Friday and will probably not go on my own because of the scar tissue. The doctor that I saw yesterday is not the doctor that I will see on Friday. She said that I can talk to him and see if there are any other options. I just don't know what to expect and how do I decide? I'm not even sure how they will induce me (pitocin or the prostaglandins). I feel so stupid for not asking more questions.

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I personally am one who likes to avoid pain - so I would do whatever they tell me will put me in the least amount of pain.

However, I understand your options aren't what you were hoping for. I hope whatever you decide you are happy with.

Hopefully the dr on Friday will be able to answer more of your questions or maybe you could put a call in and ask.

Tons and tons of ELV to you!!! Only a few days left Smile

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Sorry you have to deal with this when you hoped not to. I had a great induction experience so know that they can go smoothly. Hopefully you'll get more answers from your regular dr. Friday is only 2 days away :eek: How exciting!!

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Eh, that's a tough one! You don't want the pain from having that scar tissue tore apart to affect how you look back on your over-all birth experience so I would prolly opt to have the epidural unless you think you can tolerate it well.

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Hugs. Ask if they can do a cath induction.

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"mujul79" wrote:

Hugs. Ask if they can do a cath induction.

I was thining the same as Julianna. A cath induction is designed to just start by dilating your cervix the first several cm. Maybe you could avoid any further scar tissue removal or induction meds and then an epidural would not be necessary.

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Just wanted to say thinking of you! Hope everything goes the way you want it too Smile