Sciatic Nerve Pain

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Sciatic Nerve Pain

Anyone else? My right side sciatic nerve is driving me crazy... bleh... when I get up in the middle of the night it is excruciatingly painful... like.. can't walk for a bit. After sitting, sometimes just for a few minutes it starts throbbing, and when I stand it shoots ups and down for a bit. Thank goodness I have a desk that goes up and down at work. Are there any tips to managing this?

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I don't have any tips but am experiencing the same thing. It doesn't happen every night but if I sleep a certain way & get up to use bathroom I can barely walk it's so painful. Hope someone gives tips to manage this cos I'd love to hear them too Smile

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Seeing a chiro is the only thing I found "fixed it".

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Hmm... Maybe my nerve is bugging me. I thought it was the babies head causing the pain when I move sometimes. Her head is located on the side of my lower left uterus before my hip bone. Sometimes I get excruciating pains when I move and when I lean on my left side.

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I had trouble with my last pregnancy and had a combination of chiro and massage therapy to take care of it. Can't say which one worked since I had both, but it did work. I haven't had trouble this time.

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I have it on and off. It is terrible pain. I am not even for sure what causes it for me because it seems to come out of no where.