Sidney's 2 month update!

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Sidney's 2 month update!

Sidney had her 2 month shots yesterday. She has been awesome about it, a little cranky and sleepy last night but back to normal today! She is 13.1 lbs, 23.5 inches, 90th percentile for both.:D She put on almost a lb in just over a week! She is growing SO fast, her 3-6 month clothes are already getting kind of tight!! Everything looks good with her, she's totally healthy:D
I'm exclusively BFing now, but still using the nipple shield. Her latch is better then it was, but there are still feeds where I am bruised after, even with the shield on. I take it off when I can... I was worried she wouldn't want to nurse without it, but after the first couple times I tried, she doesn't seem to care. I'm hoping that as she gets bigger her latch will get even better and I can eventually ditch the shields altogether.:D

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Glad she is growing well & BFing is going better! Crossing my fingers for you that her latch improves to where you don't have any discomfort soon :vibes:

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yeah for a great apointment and hope her latch gets better so you can ditch those shields!!

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She grows like Roman does! Congrats on a healthy appoinment! I hope that latc gets better soooooooooooon!

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It sounds like our little ones are a lot alike in size. I hate that some of 6 months clothes don't fit already, so sad.

Glad she will take the breast without a shield, I do hope she continues to get better at nursing.

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Sounds like she is doing great!! Good job on sticking with the Breast feeding, hopefully you wont need that shield much longer!