Sidney's birth story!

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Sidney's birth story!

I was really hoping and expecting that I would go into labour on my own this time, because my induction with dd was not what I was hoping for. So of course, I was over a week late and my OB scheduled an induction for tuesday (the 26th):rolleyes:
We arrived at the hospital at 9:30 am for my appt. I guess there have been a lot of women having babies lately, because we had to wait an hour for a clean bed in triage. The Dr wanted to monitor me and the baby for awhile to make sure we were healthy, so DH and I watched movies while we sat around. Around 11, they finally checked me. I was 2cm and 80% effaced, so the Dr said that they would break my water and see if that got things moving. We needed to wait for a delivery room, so DH and I went and got some lunch. After lunch, we of course spent more time sitting around.:rolleyes: They finally broke my water around 2pm, and somehow I had progressed another cm since they checked me that morning!
Around 3pm, I wasn't having any real contractions and was still 3cm. So they started me on the low dose of pitocin to see if that got things moving. At 4pm, I was having some cramping, but nothing major. My nurses went on break, the OB came in to see me and we talked for a bit. Back story- With dd, I had some major complications. 2 postpartum hemorrhages and retained placenta that took 9 months after her birth to resolve. The OB was concerned that I was at higher risk of happening again, so she wanted to manually scrape my uterus after the placenta was delivered to make sure it was all out. She said that I would need an epidural because it would hurt. A lot. Of course I agreed to that (9 months of pp bleeding is not something I wanted to do again!!), and they called the anesthesiologist at around 4:20. While we were talking, the contractions were really starting to get a LOT more intense. By the time they arrived to do the epidural, I was in a lot of pain!!
The anesthesiologist told me it would take around 20 min for the epidural to kick in. They got it in around 4:45, and I could hardly sit still because the contractions were INSANE. They were coming right on top of each other with no breaks in between. I was begging the nurse who was covering for mine to make the epidural work!! She decided to check me, and when she checked, she got a weird look on her face and paged the dr. I asked where I was, and she said 9 3/4:eek:
I had the urge to push, but the nurse wanted the OB to arrive first. As soon as she ran into the room, I yelled "Someone tell me I can push!!!" It felt like forever, but it was really only a couple of minutes. I pushed for 15 minutes, and Sidney Dawn Wynne was born at 5:26pm. 9lbs, 3oz and 20 inches.
On my chart, the nurses had written that when they left for break at 4, I wasn't in active labour yet. They had it down as starting at 4:20, when I was just starting to breathe through them!!
My labour with dd was also induced, and took 14 hours, including 2 of pushing. That was at the highest dose of pitocin.
This one was an hour!! If it would have gone that fast and I went naturally, I would never have made it to the hospital on time.
After she was delivered, the OB did scrape me out. Let me tell you, that is horrible. Probably worth it if I avoided the hemorrhages and everything else, but still horrible. I don't actually think the epidural ever kicked in, because I could get up and walk to the bathroom 30 min after they finished stitching me up. I had 2nd degree tearing, but that's not as bad as the first time either.
Even though it was really intense, I feel pretty good. I think having things happen that fast means I didn't get as sore and tired. Sidney is an extremely enthusiastic bf-er... I am in quite a bit of pain from that, and I think my nipples are the sorest place on my body right now! I am pumping and supplementing with formula to give them a break until we see an LC tomorrow and get her latch fixed.
I am a little overwhelmed at taking care of 2 kids right now. Sidney's first night was not very restful, so I hope that changes quickly and she starts sleeping in her bassinet (instead of on me!) for more than 30 min at a time. Luckily DH is taking a month vacation, so he is here too. Sidney is incredibly strong for a newborn... I will have to get a pic of her doing a half pushup. Its unreal!!
And now... The pictures!!
Last belly pic...41 weeks
DH, me and Sidney!
That is one big, pissed off baby
She likes to be swaddled REALLY tight

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That is crazy how fast your labor went! I hope that your OB scraping out your uterus helps prevent any PP issues, because that sounds excruciating!

Sidney is beautiful, Congrats!

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What a crazy story! And I was impressed with my "only" 7 hour induction (LOL). Sorry about the manual scraping, ugh - that sounds horrible. But I'm sure after 9 months pp bleeding, it was a good trade. Sorry about the tear - they are a biznatch healing but glad it wasn't as bad as last time. Personally, my stitches are itching and driving me insane more than anything :roll:

Good luck handling the 2 kiddos, I'm finding it pretty challenging myself at times, but at others it really isn't as horrible as I thought (my DD is my harder one luckily). WTTW Sidney (I LOVE her name!)

ETA: I forgot to mention, my DD was an overly aggressive BF'er too so I wanted to wish you luck! She never got her latch fixed and I was in pain for like 2 months before either she corrected it or my nips just got used to it :shrug: So seriously, I hope the LC can help you fix it because no one wants that!

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Great story!! amazing how fast you were, esp for an induction!! Maybe its a good thing you bake your babies extra long! Wink

Sidney is a cutie! Congrats!!!

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Congrats again! Smile I'm glad to hear things went better this go around!

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What a crazy but exciting birth story! Congrats to you!!

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Wow! So glad this one went so much better!!!!

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Congrats on welcoming Sidney to the world! Glad your induction wasn't horribly long!

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Congrats again!

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GREAT birth story! Congrats on Sidney....she's beautiful Smile