Similac vs Enfamil

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Similac vs Enfamil

The diaper post got me thinking.

I tried to breastfeed DD but ended up doing the formula thing. I had a hard time finding one I liked for her and I didn't want to change her formula too much. So I thought I would ask any BTDT moms have a preference between these two brands of formula and why? What type of formula did you use from that brand?

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I've always used Gerber Good Start formula & it's worked great for my kids. For the first 2 months or so we'll used the concentrated before we start buying the powder b/c of the chance of enterobacter sakazakii. I know it's usually Similac they give in the hospitals.

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DS was on soy formula due to lactose issues. I used the Wal-Mart brand stuff and he did JUST fine on it. I just couldn't afford the double prices of the 'brand names'. For a while we used good start-- with the coupons we would get it was practically free.. but eventually those died out too. I have all intent to breast feed this one, as I did with DS haha, but I'm worried that if we have to go to formula we might end up with the soy again. A friend of mine had 3 kids who ALL had lactose issues as babies and yet no family history. Dh and I don't have milk issues so it was unexpected that DS did.

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As a CLC let me just say every baby is diff and BF may go easy this time. But if you are set on FF then use the liquid already made stuff for the first 3-6 months. It is sterile where you can not make powered stuff sterile even with boiling water.

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I quit BFing at 8.5 months so I had to do formula for a while, plus I'd occasionally supplemented with formula/used it when I didn't have thawed breastmilk in a pinch. She was sensitive to lactose early on so I every "regular" formula made her tummy upset & gave her diarrhea. So I switched to Similac Soy & she did just fine on that. She seemed to like the taste better too. When I moved her completely to formula, I didn't want to mess with what she was used to so I stuck with it & when she turned one, she went to cow's milk without issues. Oh & I started using store brand around 9 months after my pedi told me to give it a shot and it worked great.

Enfamil was the hardest on her tummy in our experience but every baby is different so I'm not knocking it.

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BFing didn't work here either, although I hope it will this time. We used Enfamil for DD, only because I had a free sample in the house when we had to make the switch. She never had any issues on it, and I would stock up with coupons and when it was on sale.
I have heard from other people that their babies would only tolerate one kind of formula. I think it totally depends on the baby, some have pickier digestive systems than others!