Simon is 5 weeks

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Simon is 5 weeks

Simon had his 5 week 2 day (one month visit) he is 10lbs 2oz and 22" long. He is still jaundice so they did another blood draw. Today we got the results his levels are at a 7 and it should be at a 0. So he still has breastmilk jaundice and they use to tell women to stop breastfeeding, but she said new reports say that is not needed as long as the baby is growing so we are going to keep breastfeeding and she will recheck his results at our next visit on Sept 16th. We are also going to do an alutrasound of his spine next week becasue of a birthmark on his back and his butt dimple.

Photo from today:

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No fun with the Jaundice! My son had a butt dimple as well, they did the u/s in the hospital and it turned out fine, they just told me to make sure it keeps clean. Isn't it kinda weird looking though? Smile

CUTE Photo BTW! I think his shirt says something about Ben & Jerry's? humm my kind of shirt!

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What a cutie - he's so big! Love it. I've never heard of BFing jaundice (?) - glad they aren't making you take any drastic measures though. GL with the u/s, KUP!