Simon is "crawling" and update.

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Simon is "crawling" and update.!/photo.php?v=2369858451822&notif_t=like


Simon is doing well, we go back for another blood test on Fri.

Sorry I have not been on much. We went to VT for 2 weeks and then to KY for the weekend so Simon could met his brother and Sisters and other family. It went well I love his family and even his x wife and I got along. Bills kids just loved all over Simon. When we got home it was a mad dash to get the kids ready for school that started Thursday. Peter is in 2nd, Tessa in KG and Heath in preschool. Biggrin LOL and life is crazy. As Heath is 1/2 day and so is Tessa but they are diff halfs so I always have 2 home. Book bags are ready for tomarrow so I figured I should get on and say hi. I am on FB alot but that is a fast check in type post and then I can get up and walk away. I have not even taken the time yet to sit here and write his birth story!!! Well GTG he is awake.

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:eek: :eek: :eek:

Go SIMON!!!! Yahoo

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wow!!! next thing you know he's going to be walking by the time he's 6months!! WTG simon!!