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Isn't it funny how when you aren't getting enough of something that's all you can think about? LOL!
So... Who is sleeping? Who isn't? How do you put your LO to bed? What time? If you aren't getting any sleep, will you do any sleep training? When and what method?

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Sidney is not sleeping:( Her big sister didn't either so I shouldn't be surprised! She was great for the first couple of months, then as soon as she became aware of things going on around her, that was it. Right now, I'm sleeping with her on the floor of her room, but she is moving back into her crib next week when DH is home. I don't know if I will move back to my own bed or not. She is SO unpredictable at night, and I don't want to be up and down the hallway all night. She is usually down for the night between 7-8pm, but it varies a lot. She gets up between 3-8 times in the next 12 hours.
We used pick up/put down with DD1, and it worked great. But I don't think I will try it with Sidney until we're ready to night wean. I am kind of hoping she'll just get better on her own, and soon!!

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I have been spoiled with all 3 of my kids sleeping really well. Collin eats at about 8pm, we lay him down awake about 9pm and he self soothes by sucking his fingers. He sleeps until 7:30-8 am. I did not have to teach him to self soothe, he luckily just learned on his own.

I did do the cry it out method with my other 2 and it worked really well, and only took a couple of days before they just went to sleep on their own and slept 11+ hours.

Rebecca, I do not know how you are holding up getting up that many times at night! I hope things get better for you soon!!! Good luck!

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Yeah... not so much.

I THOUGHT we were getting better.. but as soon as I think there is a routine Alex likes to switch it up a bit. Right now he is going to bed late (last night was 9:30 but in the last week its been as late as 11pm!) and waking up every 3-4 hours or so. Some nights are little better, some a little worse but I'm up anywhere from 1-4 times (so not as bad as Rebecca!!) and we get up around 8:30-9ish.

The saving grace is he has become a very fast eater, and he puts himself back to sleep throughout the night so it's usually 5 minutes of nursing and then I lay him back in his crib so I am up and back in bed within 10 minutes and he puts himself back to sleep. Right now he is getting rocked to sleep for his first sleep of the night though.

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I just couldn't do it ladies, hats off to those of you who are up and down during the night.

Natalie is great, partially personality and partially sleep scheduling. She goes down at 7pm and gets up at 7am. We do a dream-feed about 10:30pm. Naps can be a little harder, but those are getting better as well.

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No sleep here, still. Leo is still sleeping with me. Our house is kind of old and the heater isn't the best, so his room is pretty cold right now. Of course, since he's sleeping with me, he thinks I'm an all-night buffet LOL.So yeah, no sleep for me!

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Dane sleeps great still but it has nothing to do with sleep training because I haven't done anything special with him. We definitely need to work on putting him down while awake still, but he normally falls asleep around 9pm then sleeps until maybe 6 am, eats then sleeps a couple more hours. Naps on the other hand are super short and sort of random throughout the day, but it works for us right now so I'm leaving that be for the time being.

My almost 2 1/2 year old actually gets me up more at night than the 5 month old! :rolleyes: For the record, I did CIO with her at 8 months when I couldn't handle getting up 4 times a night any longer & it was only one really bad night, then it was a lot better (although it didn't solve the problem completely, but she only got up once or twice after that).

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hahaha..sleep. Olivia still is up about every 2-3 hrs during the night to eat. I start the bath/bedtime routine about 7pm, and she's nursing and alseep by 8pm. She will sometimes go 3 hrs sometimes 1 hr sometimes 2 hrs. I find if she doesn't eat alot during the day, then she's going to be stocking up during the night, so she'll go 1-2hrs....if she ate pretty decent during the day, then she'll usually give me two 3 hr stretches....but i'd say around 4ish, she goes back to every 2 hrs or so. She still sleeps in our room, since she's still up so much at night.....i am going to start putting her in her crib in her room and then when she gets up for the 12 or 1am feeding, bring her to our room. Sometimes i put her in bed with me, so i can kinda sleep's been working great like that and i am not so tired. I tried the CIO method - i just can't do it.... I just read somethings on the no tears sleep solution, so we're going to start working on that.

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I honestly can't complain about Ava. She goes down at night between 8-9 but usually falls asleep in her swing. I'll move her to the crib when I come to bed around 11. She'll wake up once (times varies each night) for a feeding. She'll wake up again around 6:30 but I'll get her & put her in the bed with me give her a bottle she'll suck on it for about 3 minutes & dose back off & sleep till 8:30 or so. Now when school is in she's up every morning by 7:15 b/c we take her older brothers to school every morning.

Regardless though of how she sleeps I still can't get in a decent nights sleep for my other kiddos. Sawyer sometimes wakes up 1-3 times a night & Will does as well...not that many times but still. Like last night I know I was up 7-8 times throughout the night & it was more for Sawyer than anyone else.

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We have tried to do the sleep training things, but with breastfeeding it just feels so difficult! Hunter goes down for bed in his crib usually between 8-9. He will give me a good solid 4-6 hours of sleep and will wake up sometime between 2-4. Then he will usually do 3 hour feedings, but I will pull him into bed with us after he first wakes up.

That being said, now that he's gone mobile and will roll/crawl his way out of bed, we can't keep him in bed with us anymore. So nights haven't been so great at our house recently.