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Okay I don't know if its even possible....but Olivia has been a little off and I was talking to a friend
who asked if I has swiped her gums to see if there r teeth....of course I was like no...she's barely 3 months. Well I did and I looked cuz I felt something a little hard and she has a little white spot
on her bottom gum where the 1st two teeth pop up. It looks like one of the corners of the tooth. Its still kinda under the gum....but could this really b a tooth?? Isn't it too soon.... it would make sense if it was cuz it would explain her mood lately....today she's just been feeding non stop..like i felt she sucked me dr and she just wants to be held....but I suppose it could b a growth spurt again....shell b 3 months Sunday

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Definitely sounds like a tooth. That sounds exactly like Lucas, I can see and feel a tooth on his bottom gum. It's been like that for about 2 weeks I think.

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No, it's not to early for teeth! I've been told they can start teething as early as 2 months but I've never experienced any of my kiddos getting teeth before about 6 months Smile

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My kids have always been later getting their teeth. But I have a sister whose kids have had teeth by 4 months old (actually visible ones). So it's definitely possible.

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Yeap, I was just getting ready to make a post to see how many babies have teeth or getting teeth. DD was 3 months 5 days when her first tooth was threw. The twins were 3 months yesterday and I think Easton maybe getting his first tooth too. He has been drooling like crazy and biting at his hands.

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I read this the other day and thought, Wow they are teething early! And then today Sidney was off and cranky. So while she was crying I looked in her mouth, and I can see the 2 white lines on her bottom gums!!:eek: I can feel them too. DD1 got her first teeth at 6 months, so I wasn't expecting this for a while longer.

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Hmmm, well this has me thinking. DS has been off the past couple days and has been drooling like crazy. I'll have to see if I can get a good look at his gums. It just seems crazy that they would get teeth this early!:eek:

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Simon is orel but no teeth just bubbles, drool and hands in mouth for fingers to suck on. He gets crammy before a BM and when in the car and had the 3 month growth spirt where he wanted to be held and few non stop for 3 days but no teeth. My first was 11 months before he had a tooth and I drove my self crazy every time he put his hands in his mouth or fussed thinking teeth where comming. Tessa got hers at 6 months and Heath 8 months. Let me tell you the teething YELL that I call it is way diff then just the fussy baby and drool that I find all my kids did from 3-6 months. Teething kept them up crying all night and feedings and holding did not fix it.