Throwing up??

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Throwing up??

Brayden has caught some kind of stomach flu and has been throwing up for the past 3 days, he seems to be able to keep most of his food down during the day (but still really really fussy) but cant seem to keep any food in closer to the evening, he throws up so hard that he ends up dry heaving for the last hour or so before he sleeps.....his soft spot on the top of his head has been throbbing as well, we called and spoke to a nurse who said that he needed to go to the ER to be looked at because of both the soft spot throbbing and his puking.......the dr asked if i bought new formula and i told her it was a new case but the same stuff we always buy, she told me she had a strong feeling that we must have by mistake bought the wrong formula and to double check and water it down, i checked the formula and its the right stuff (duh) She told me if he continues to throw up today that we need to bring him back in, i dont really want to go back to the ER and waste my time again, so i am thinking of calling our dr tomorrow morning, is there anything i can do in the mean time to make him more comfortable? I asked the dr yesterday about giving him something to help keep him hydrated and she told me that i had to talk to a dr before giving him anything and since she thought it was a problem with his food being wrong she didnt want to talk to much about it.......he hasnt really slept for the past 3 days and looks exaushted Sad I just dont know what to do to make his belly feel better, any suggestions??

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Poor little guy:( There is really nothing worse than a sick baby!!!
My DD1 had norovirus when she was about 7 months old. It was brutal! She was a bit older than Brayden, but the Dr told me to give her teaspoons of liquid (formula, water, and pedialyte) every 15 minutes because it would be easier for her to keep down. They also told me to watch for the signs of dehydration: crying with no tears, inside of the mouth getting dry or sticky, and the soft spot on her head looking sunken.
Personally, I would still take him back to the ER, just to make sure he isn't getting dehydrated or anything. :bigarmhug: I hope he feels better soon!!!

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Both my twins were throwing up a couple of weekends ago (one started the day before the other one). I think it lasted 3 or 4 days. Thier fever wasn't very high and they didn't get dehydrated so they didn't do anything for them. It did make for a very miserable 4 days for all of us.

I am parinoid about fever because my DD ended up in the university hospital for a week when she was 5 weeks old due to high fever. They never could find out what was wrong with her. It was scary.

It sure is frustrating when you can't do anything for your LO when they are not feeling well. I sure hope your LO gets to feeling better soon!