Thursday QOTD

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Thursday QOTD

Be honest, how has being pregnant affected your sex life? :lovebed:

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what's a sex life? LOL We have attempted, but we get really nervous, with all my problems in the begining and it hurt the last time, which then DH thought he was hurting me and the was a mess....but, i can say we have a lot of fun 'trying'

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To be honest I haven't been in the mood since the second trimester. I don't feel feel very sexy and I am uncomfortable in most positions. I also think my hubby is a little paranoid about hurting the baby too. So, needless to say our sex life has decreased dramatically.

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I totally do NOT feel in the mood to DTD when I'm preggo (especially as I get further along and don't have energy) and my DH isn't exactly turned on by my belly so if we manage once every other week at this point, we are really out doing ourselves. :rolleyes:

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Up until about 2 weeks ago we would have sex at least once a week, i havent really wanted to since i got pregnant because by the end of the day i am tired and feel huge but my DH is persistant! The last time we had sex my belly kept getting in the way and i was a little tender which freaked my DH he says he doesnt want to have sex until after the baby is born, i tried explaining to him that its 3 months away plus 6-8 weeks after the baby is born, but he says he has no problem waiting! lol, im sure he will change his mind soon and give it another try!

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I had more drive in 1st trimester. Second has been really slow. DH is a little nervous of pregnancy and I have almost no drive.

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Oh, it's looooonnnng gone. It's been gone for so long, I'm kind of surprised I got pregnant to begin with. DH works long hours at a stressful job, and the first trimester and part of the second have been full of nausea and exhaustion for me, so yeah. We'd rather sleep than DTD!

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I get really "in the mood" about once a week. Otherwise, I am just too tired or uncomfortable.

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The prego has not been a problem but being 3 hours away puts a damper on things Smile I can't wait for tonight and then we will be together for the next 10 days on vacation!!! I'll let you know how that goes.

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I'm still like a little spider monkey. He can't keep up. Running out of positions even worse, though.

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I was feeling pretty frisky for the first half of the 2nd tri, but now it starting to seem like a lot of work lol. My belly is totally getting in the way, so things are getting a little difficult. We gave up altogether at about 8 months with dd, so I wouldn't be surprised if that happens again.

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We go at it atleast once a week. I work week days, he works weekends, so most days one of us is tired. The last time I made a "good" noise and he for some reason thought I made a noise like I was in pain or something. He immediately jumped off the bed and could absolutely not get back in the mood. But we did cuddle for awhile afterwards.

I like sex and hope we can keep it going for a bit longer. Plus, if we go at night then it puts the baby to sleep (so he stops kicking me!) and I'm able to have a REALLY good nights sleep.

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two words..... PELVIC REST!!!!! and it SUCKS!!!!! cause I've actually got a drive and no where to drive it too! lol

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Definitely decreased here! By the end of the day, I'm usually feeling bloated, tired, or my back hurts. DH was working 14-16 hour days the past month, so he felt the same (maybe not bloated). And when I am feeling up to it, seems like one of us is gone-- I was gone for 4 days in Feb, I got back and DH was gone for 2 weeks. I was gone for 2 weeks in March, home for 2 weeks now and DH will be leaving for 3 weeks again. A week after he gets back, I'll be in Germany for a week! We never seem to be in the same place at the "right" time!

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even if i wanted to have sex right now, i can't until atleast monday when i get my next cervi. check. Beee

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Nothing happening here! I have been on pelvic rest for the last month. I will be on pelvic rest until the baby comes. I think for us, we are so afraid of causing something that the drive is not as strong. It really stinks though. To think that it could be another two or three months is awful!!!